Libido enhancing exercises and food for men

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Libido generally refers to an individual’s sexual urges and desires as well his sex drive. As men enter middle age, the sexual drive or the libido tends to wane a bit. However, a lower than normal libido is not good and can be treated with the intake of the right foods, the elimination of incorrect food items as well as exercises that reduce stress, positively affect the hormones by way of improved body image and assist in the release of endorphins.
Libido enhancing foods-
• Testosterone is the main hormone that controls the libido in men. It is dependent on the presence of Zinc and Vitamin B in the body, which are present in several food items.
• Men can start off by reducing or eliminating fast foods or take-ways as they have been known to cause loss of libido in men.
• Raw oysters are high in zinc content leading to a raise in sperm production and testosterone levels thereby enhancing libido in men.
• Asparagus stimulates the production of testosterone and is high in Vitamin E
• Figs are a prime source of amino acids and go a long way towards increasing sexual stamina. Amino acids are also believed to increase one’s libido
• Almonds and other nuts are rich in the necessary fatty acids and are vital to the production of hormones in men.
• Eggs are one of the easily available sources of vitamin B5 and B6. They assist in reducing stress as well as balance the levels of hormone in men. It is a well known fact that increased stress levels lead to a lowered libido
• Turkey, cheese and brown rice are all known sources of zinc.
• Liver is a good source of glutamine, avocado has vitamin B6 and increased levels of folic acid that metabolize proteins, celery contains androsterone and pine nuts are rich in zinc. All of them help in revitalizing the male libido.
• Bananas are rich in energy and contain bromelain enzyme which improves the male libido and other nutrients such as B vitamins and potassium.
• Salmon and other types of fishes are also a great source of essential B vitamins such as B5, B6 and B12
Libido enhancing exercises-
• Cardiovascular exercise results in the reduction of stress and cortisol levels and increased blood flow to the male sexual organs.
• Lifting weights assist in the increase of testosterone.
• Kegel exercises increase the muscle tone in the pelvic region helping in delaying ejaculation.
• Yoga as well as the act of sex itself are healthy exercises to increase libido in men
The aforementioned measures are claimed to be effective ways of enhancing libido. Good physical condition is also an important aspect of stronger sexual desire. But it is essential to know that brain plays the chief role in enhancing the sexual desire of a person. Natural stimulation of brain is what that stimulates such feelings. Hence, healthy brain is significant along with libido enhancing exercises and food for men.

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