Libery League International: Scam or Not?

By: Joe Marquez

If you've taken a look at the Liberty League International opportunity, and perhaps weren't completely convinced, I'd like to point out some key things to further review if you're leaning towards buying into their program. I'll shed some light on what it takes to reach the point where commissions are made, and how they've structured their compensation plan, along with suggesting an equal alternative that may be more suitable for you if you're new to online marketing.

A good thing to point out about liberty league international is the inexpensive entrance fee. Upon starting your business you must simply purchase a starter kit for $50. After that you must subscribe to some tools that have monthly fees but they aren't much, and at that point you're ready to get your business going. However, when you take this route you must give up your first 5 sales to your upline who found you. Once that is done, you are THEN able to earn commissions on your sales. So what you gain with the cheap start up cost is essentially lost in the way they structure the compensation plan.

That means that you essentially have to give $5000 worth of sales to the person who found you, despite the fact that you did all of the work. However, there is a way around passing up 5 sales; and that is by buying one of the 3 products that Liberty League offers, which range from $1500 to $13000. Most people typically purchase the least expensive of the three, which is a personal growth course called Beyond Freedom that is aimed towards self improvement. If you purchase beyond freedom for the price of $1500 (or any other of their products) then you only need to pass up 2 of your first sales to start earning full commissions.

Only after you purchase a starter kit for $50, buy any product for a minimum of $1500, then sell two products, are you then able to make money off of the sales you acquire. Once you reach this point, every Beyond Freedom sale earns you a $1000 commission. The other two products are event tickets that expand upon the principles taught in Beyond Freedom. The first of which costs $8000, and once you attend that event the one that follows costs $13000.

That is a quick explanation of the Liberty League compensation plan. I could go more into detail on how to make commissions on event ticket sales, but its really the same concept.

If you really take a look at what Liberty League International offers, its really just a very expensive personal growth program. If you were to buy each of their products you would be spending around $23000. Its difficult to put a price on self development and self worth, but there are similar programs that can offer the same help to individuals for much less.

One other important thing to note is that your support system and training is really reliant on the individual who signed you up. Therefore, your success is very much so dependent on the person who found you. The problem with that is you can have a completely different outcome than if you had been signed up by somebody else.

The program has shown to make people lots of money, as is the case with any opportunity you come across on the internet, but the most important factor in your success is the system that is put in place to reveal how others have profited from the business. If anyone can pick up the methods and see results, then it doesn't matter if an individual has no experience or little computer skills, they can put their confidence in the system.

It isn't easy to find an opportunity that will guarantee your success and tell you ahead of time that they've already figured out how to be successful and that all you need to do is follow the steps. Most times, you hear about how "good" the opportunity is, and how much money individuals have made, and they beat around the bush.

However, there is a program out there that has all the necessary items to ensure your success and even guarantee profits. It is the Wealth Funnel System, created by internet marketing veteran Derrick Harper. With 13 years experience and an impressive resume that boasts big names such as Pfizer, Wyeth, Merk, Johnson & Johnson, MTV Networks, Weber Grills, and many other highly recognized brands, its no wonder why people see such great results. His opportunity offers a product that the market demands, and his system shows you how to properly market the products to put profits in pockets.

If you've been leaning towards liberty league international, I suggest that you make sure it offers everything you need to have the success you want with an online business. Furthermore, if you are new to internet marketing, be certain that the program along with your upline have everything in place to get you started and learn successful marketing methods for the particular business.

It is my hope that this article is of assistance to you while you search for the right home business. Liberty League definitely has some things going for them that can allow an individual to earn significant profits, but for the rookie internet marketer I believe there are better alternatives.

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For more reading on the opportunity Derrick Harper has built for those in search of the best home business, be sure to review the wealth funnel system.

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