Liberty League - A Close Look At The Pay Plan

By: Tom Culbertson

Here we'll look over in more detail than you're usual article the compensation plan that Liberty League uses.

Liberty League is a home based company that has been around now for about seven years. If you've been looking for a home based business you probably stumbled across Liberty League and now you want to learn more. Here we're going to take a close look at Liberty League's compensation plan.

In this article I'm just going to focus on the compensation plan because that's the most important thing to look at so lets get started. Many people will tell you that Liberty League has a 2-Up compensation plan. This simply means that you are going to have to pass up your first two sales to your sponsor before you can make money on the Liberty League product yourself.

Now while a guess you could say it's true that Liberty League has a 2-Up program, your really not getting the whole story. When you are ready to join Liberty League you have two options. You can join at a cost of only $49.95 but if you do this you will have to pass up your first five sales to your sponsor and not just two.

With Liberty League the only time you will have to pass up only two of your first sales to your sponsor is if you buy Liberty League's Beyond Freedom program. This program will cost you $1495 plus shipping and handling. This is where everybody talks about Liberty League being a 2-Up because most people will go ahead and buy the program when they join.

If you want to get technical at this point you could say that Liberty League is both a 2-Up and a 5-Up. However it is also a 4-Up as well. You'll shortly find out why. Liberty League has two more products that they sell and they are conferences. The first product is called the Liberty Conference and the second product is called the Summit conference.

The Liberty Conference has a cost of $7,995 and the Summit conference has a cost of $12,995. These prices seem pretty high if you ask me. Liberty League will tell you that if you compare their prices to others you will see that they are better. Not sure whether this is true or not.

You are required to purchase the two conferences for yourself if you plan on later selling them. You will also have to pass up 4 more sales to your sponsor for both the Liberty Conference and the Summit Conference. So this is a total of 8 more sales. Then your at the top level with Liberty League and you are qualified to make the big money.

If you're looking to get a little technical here you could say that Liberty League not only has a 2-Up compensation plan, but a 5-Up and 4-Up as well. It simply depends on what level your currently trying to qualify for with Liberty League. Liberty League can make you rich but you're going to have to spend a lot of money in the process. Because of a law suit in 2006 Liberty League is now required to state the average earnings of everyone. They claim that 81% of it's members make an average of around $7,000 a year. Doesn't seem like that much huh. This also doesn't include the amount of money you're going to have to spend to make $7,000. If you buy the Beyond Freedom program you will spend $1495. Then you are going to pass up your first sales to your sponsor so you just lost another $2,000 right there. Now we're at a total of $3500.

Now let's consider some more costs. The Liberty League website is $49.95 a month. To have access to the daily conference calls is another $99.00 every three months. So far the total comes out to $995 but we now need to include marketing expenses. It's safe to say that you will spend at least $100.00 dollars a month in marketing expenses for Liberty League. Combine all the totals for everything and you have spent around $5,700 just to make 7,000. These numbers aren't looking very promising here.

I'd recommend passing on Liberty League. There compensation plan is very old school and there marketing techniques are very limited and almost entirely done off-line. There are companies out there where you'll have a much better chance of success. I don't believe Liberty League is one of them.

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