Let's Go Green

By: Anne Yau

This afternoon I read a magazine article about how important it is for us, the new generation, to 'go green'. It mentioned several importance of being more environmentally friendly in this new age.
The article mentioned about that this is the time for us to save energy and not to consume much. Many celebrities nowadays are trying to be green and use energy-saving products like energy-saving cars called 'hybrid cars'. For example, President Obama is using this type of car.
I am not that rich to buy a hybrid car, but anyway I am not a driver. But I am thinking of what I can do to give a helping hand to Mother Earth and be green. A few weeks ago there was a global program urging skyscrapers and shops to turn off their lights for 1 hour to arouse the attention of the globe towards energy-saving. That was a great program, so why not continue it?
Recycling and reusing plastic bags would definitely do well to planet Earth. Sometimes we just buy very little things from store, there's no point and not green for us to get a big plastic bag and throw it away immediate after using it once. Please reuse, reduce and recycle.
Everyday there are just so many things that we need to write down and note down, so please use both sides of the paper sheets. Keep yourself green! When we get gifts for our friends, layers of wrappings are actually excessive and not environmentally friendly. So why not just have 1 layer of wrappings? It is still very nice.
Some people, especially companies like to send greeting cards to friends or customers during festival, of course cards are sweet, but if you do it in large amount, paper sheets are wasted for making envelopes, that's not green.
Few days ago I found a website that we can create our own cards by drawing and messaging. These e-cards are as nice as paper ones and greener! You can draw and write down whatever you like to your beloved friends or to promote your products. Obviously they are greener.
Mother Earth is OUR Earth, if you don't want to make your sons and daughters suffer from the unnecessary waste you create, please think thrice before you use everything in the world. Be smart, be green.

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