Let's Find A Diet Plan That Will Work For You!

By: Martin Curtis

Have you tried every diet out there; and still had no success? Some people can eat all day and never gain an ounce, but you only have to look at an ice cream and your weight rises! The diets that you have tried have been so boring and the food was so sparse that you felt like you were starving to death. You lost a couple of pounds in the first week, but ended up gained three pounds the week after. If you thought your dieting days were behind you think again! Here are some lesser known tips that can help you lose weight and keep it off.


Your body can send your brain confusing messages at times. Sometimes it confuses thirst with hunger; if you drink plenty of mineral water and other non calorific drinks you will avoid this confusion. If water alone simply bores you, why not add a dash of lemon or lime to make it more appetizing.

Are You Really Hungry?

The next time you start to feel hungry; assess whether it is just old habits or are you actually starving? And when you sit down for that meal; do not stuff yourself absolutely full. Try and eat moderately until the hunger has dissipated.


You can still indulge in snacking, but try to be careful about the subject matter. Some people will watch a movie and snack away on a huge coke and an even huger bag of popcorn. Are they really hungry or is it a reflex action? You can choose something like some low fat ice cream or perhaps some carrot sticks to nibble on.

Favorite Foods

You can still indulge in these treats; simply reduce the size of the servings to fit your calorie guide. Otherwise you may be tempted to gorge on them after your diet has ended. You may be surprised that such a small portion satisfies you in comparison to your previous loaded plate.

Mini Meals

Eat often and little is one of the dieting secrets that definitely should not be a secret. Instead of three large meals a day; why not try five smaller dishes. This way; you will have less time between meals to get hungry and you will be able to burn the lower calories off easier.


If you are finding your diet hard to stomach because the flavor is somewhat lacking; why not add some chili or Indian spice to make it more appetizing? The taste buds in your system will become stimulated and as a result will not require as much food to be satisfied.

Eat More Vegetables

Instead of that side order of toast; why not add extra greens to your plate. They will fill you up just as well but will not be so hard to digest and burn off.

The Old Classic

It is all well and good eating well for your weight loss, but you still need to work all of this food off. Try to exercise for at least twenty minutes per day you will soon see and feel the difference!

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