Learning some tips on how to deal with a bad boss.

By: john penn

If your ascension in the corporate world is already starting, then you must expect to meet up with a bad boss along the way. These bosses are just human and may just be having a bad day or they were unfortunate enough to land a job that was wrong for their experience and personality. A great bad boss advice that you can get on how to deal with a bad boss during your promotional climb is to always stay on top of the situation. Just focus on building up your career and staying away from putting on a negative attitude no matter how rotten your boss can be. In this way, you are not letting anyone steer you away from the job that you have worked so hard for.

There are different personality types for bad bosses. You have to be aware of them, so that you will also know how to deal with a bad boss by displaying a kind of personality and becoming adept at it. One of these personalities is the back-stabber, which could be very dangerous for you because their praises are just for show. The minute you turn your back, they will immediately spread negative talks about you. The best bad boss advice in this situation entails your confronting your boss in a nice manner. It is best to talk with your boss privately and be as truthful as you can be. Although this might not really result in a reconciliation of some kind, at least your boss will know what you feel and think about what he has done and you have abstained from internalizing your pain, which wonít be good for you in the long run.

Another type of bad boss is the glory hog and they are usually the ones who are still insecure about the authority that they are currently holding. As a result, they will take credit for every good thing that was done by those on their team. You have to watch out for this kind of boss because the more accomplishments you get, then your boss will adhere to you more but will in no way let you share in the glory. Although it is not bad to share the credit with your boss, it is also just right that credit is given where it is due. If you want to know how to deal with a bad boss such as this, then a bad boss advice that will work for you is taking the credit for yourself once you have completed a project and acknowledging its success. However, you should also make a point to mention your bossí name and even your team leader, so they can be recognized as well.

The boss who acts like your parent is also another type of bad boss that you have to contend with. Bosses of this type are usually overly protective, so much so that they will prevent you from taking on challenges where you are at the risk of fumbling. These bosses will be hampering your growth as an individual and as an employee. The bad boss advice that you could take on when it comes to how to deal with a bad boss like this lies on continually asking for more responsibilities and changes. To make them see that you are really capable, you have to take note of your successes so that you could demonstrate that you are able to handle hard assignments. If these bosses want to act like your parents, then you should let them see that they can be proud of you instead of letting them impede your growth.

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