Learning To Play Guitar The Easy Way

By: Gen Wright

Most of us have been conditioned to view learning to play guitar as being essentially a difficult thing to do. To be sure, there is quite a bit of learning curve, and quite a steep one at that, between handling the guitar for the first time and turning into one of the so-called 'guitar gods.' But while learning to play the guitar might be a challenging undertaking, it need not be a dreary one. There are some steps you can take to make the learning easier for yourself. It is the understanding, and putting of those steps that we refer to as learning to play guitar the easy way.

The first and probably most important step towards learning to play guitar the easy way is learning in small bits, rather than attempting to master everything at once. This is an unfortunate mistake many people make - often leading to great disillusionment. The truth about learning to play guitar is that it is something that is best done in a modular manner. It is about starting from the 'known,' and moving onto the 'unknown.' It is the kind of thing where one thing builds on another. If you master just one single thing about guitar playing on your first lesson, you should be grateful. Indeed, you should not approach guitar playing expecting to start playing tunes on your first lesson, unless you are a true genius. If you can just understand what the different notes each string that a properly tuned guitar makes sounds like, you will have achieved a lot from that lesson. Of course, learning in small bits does not necessarily mean taking forever. The various bits can be compressed into as little as a single day (if you can truly take in that much information). Just ensure you master one thing before moving onto the next thing, in terms of complexity.

The need to learn one thing before moving onto the next is mentioned as a step towards learning to play the guitar the easy way for a good reason. The reason is that most people who opt to 'cut corners' moving onto advanced steps without first mastering the basics, tend to be the very people who end up with the impression that guitar playing is difficult; whereas in the real fact, it is their impatience that is haunting them.

The second a very important step towards learning to play is practice, practice and more practice. Once you master a particular basic guitar playing principle, you should make an effort to practice it again and again - till it becomes a part of your being. Remember, guitar playing is an art, and as in all arts, it is practice that gives birth to geniuses. There are people who, in a bid to learn guitar playing in as short a while as possible, try to learn various principles of the art 'on the fly:' just learning a concept, strumming it out once and then 'moving on' to the next principle. Needless to say, those are the sorts of people who end up perceiving learning to play guitar as being difficult. The right way to go about it should be by ensuring that you practice every principle you learn thoroughly, before moving onto the next. If you do this, you are likely to have a much easier time learning to play guitar.

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