Learning To Play Guitar- Five Essential Personal Qualities You Need To Have

By: Gen Wright

So you have made up your mind to venture into the art of guitar playing: either in a bid to create an enjoyable hobby or perhaps as a part of your music career development. As you will soon discover, learning to play guitar can be quite a challenging endeavor. It is not unheard of people starting out on it enthusiastically, only to give up after putting considerable hours of practice into it: upon getting the feeling that 'they are getting nowhere' with it. On the other hand, we have some people, arguably 'lucky souls' who seem to have an easier time learning to play guitar. These are the folks who will handle the guitar for the first time today, and one month down the line, they are minting tunes out of it!

Upon keen observation of the two groups of people, those who seem to have an easier time learning to play guitar and those who really struggle (and often give up on the whole endeavor), a number of patterns start to show up. These patterns mostly have to do with the personal qualities that the two groups of people have. Possession of these qualities might therefore mean that you will be likely to have an easier time learning to play the guitar.

The first personal quality we are looking at here is patience. An impatient person trying to learn to play the guitar is likely to have a very hard time - and these are the sorts of people who tend to give up on the whole venture altogether. It takes a lot of patience to learn one concept at a time, and practice on each concept till you master it, before moving onto the next. An impatient person will tend to feel inclined to jump ahead of themselves, leading to frustration.

The second personal quality you need in learning to play the guitar is a good memory. Guitar playing concepts take quite a bit of memory to master - and are definitely not for the type of person who forgets what they learn immediately. Thankfully, the memory required here is not necessarily the 'academic type,' you know, the variety that you use to cram stuff, but rather the practical type of memory, like the memory you use in learning how to ride a bicycle. Only that unlike in bicycle riding where you only need to know how to peddle and keep the handlebars straight, in guitar playing there is quite a lot to be mastered.

Docility (also called teachability) is another quality you will need if you are to learn guitar playing successfully. Every guitar player has something they can learn from every other player (except the absolute beginner). If you approach guitar playing lessons with the attitude that you can only take lessons from your teacher and nobody else, you could very easily end up taking longer on the endeavor than someone else with a more open mind to learning.

Good time management skills might also come in hand for you, as you attempt to learn playing guitar. Without these, you are likely to find yourself hard pressed to create the considerable amounts of time you need to learn to play the instrument, given that when all is said and done, learning to play the guitar is all about practice, practice and more practice. Yet such practice takes quite a bit of time.

Needless to say, a strong passion to learn is something you really need, if you are to master guitar playing. If you hate learning 'naturally' - but love the idea of entertaining your friends with your guitar, you will have a harder time learning to play the instrument, and your dream may not come true. Thankfully, a passion for learning is something you can acquire: it is not necessarily inborn.

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