Learning Martial Arts Moves To Destroy Any Attacker Exposed!

By: Ronald H Jeffries

Being able to protect yourself as an integral human need and learning martial arts is the best way to get this done! If you want to learn self defense and get the health benefits of martial arts this article will expose some truths and facts about the benefits of martial arts training. I will also include some valid self defense information as well, since you are probably reading this to learn how to protect your self more actively.

Learning martial arts techniques #1 - The first thing you will get in a dojo is your white belt. The white belt symbolizes being a beginner and having a pure undisturbed mind that is ready to accept technique. You will work your way from white belt to black belt in most modern martial arts styles you learn and this is a ranking system. Earning your blackbelt is usually the end result of most systems, signifying mastery of your chosen style. However it will take you years to get to that point.

Learn beginner self defense tips #2 - One of the most publicly known martial arts moves is the kick to the groin region on male attackers. However you have to realize that most male attackers are aware of this technique and will block or try escaping having the technique used on them. So you can use this technique in a variety of ways. You can bite the groin, smash it with a knee, kick it with your foot, elbow it, punch it, pull it, rip at it, strike it etc. Any technique you can use to fight and defend remember to strike the groin of a male attacker in any format you can that will cause pain.

Learn self defense moves #3 - When you get the tense knot in your stomach and you know you are about to be attacked by your assailant, be the first to strike. Being able to catch your assailant off guard and being able to attack him before he attacks you, gives you the advantage of surprise. But don't just think your first strike will end the confrontation. You will need to throw even more martial arts techniques and attacks at your opponent long after your first punch or eye gouge. Use the principle of surprise and attack him first. This will throw the bad guy off his game plan of being the first to attack.

Learning self defense moves to better protect yourself is absolutely essential in modern day society. Taking the time to read this article has shown that you have the desire to learn and the next best thing you can do is enroll in a self defense class or seek further education on the best martial arts moves you can learn!

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