Learning How to Stop Panic Attacks

By: David Bostwick

Do you have moments of intense fear and anxiety that come upon you all of a sudden? If so, you may be having a panic or anxiety attack and you need to know that there are ways for you to stop panic attacks, so that you can live your life in a quality and healthy way. The key is in finding the right panic attack help for you and your needs, so that you can go through your days free from the bondage of panic attacks.

The length of time that panic attacks lasts can be as few as 15 minutes or as great as 30 minutes, but it can seem like much longer. These panic attacks can be very scary and uncomfortable, but the symptoms do subside. Gaining more knowledge about panic attacks will enable you to find a treatment that will work for you and your symptoms, so that you can enjoy life.

You can learn to outlast the symptoms to allow you to make it through the symptoms and live your life. Some people that have had these attacks for a long period of time learn how to simply ride them out, but if panic attacks are new to you, this may be difficult or impossible, simply because they may exhibit the symptoms of a nervous breakdown or heart attack. No matter whether you have been having the attacks for a long time or have just started having them, you want to find a panic treatment that will work for you.

The whole body response that occurs during a panic attack is what makes them so uncomfortable and fearful. A panic attack can cause a plethora of different symptoms, including becoming dizzy, sweating, stomach issues, shortness of breath, and more. Each of these symptoms are caused by stimulation of the sympathetic nervous system and the increased fear that comes when you have the symptoms only adds to the nervous system response causing the symptoms to keep occurring.

The fact that the panic attack comes on all of a sudden is what differentiates it from a heart attack or nervous breakdown. Panic attack symptoms can strike fear in your heart due to their intensity, which is why many people call for emergency assistance the first time they have an attack.

By visiting the doctor, you can get the assistance that you need to stop panic attacks once and for all. Therapy is normally the first thing that is suggested, but if it does not relieve the symptoms, you can try some other treatments to help the panic attacks end.

Breathing into a paper bag is one treatment that you can try to relieve your symptoms. This unorthodox treatment seems to help balance the oxygen and carbon dioxide levels, which helps to relieve the symptoms. If this does not work, other treatment methods can be used, including anti-depressants or anti-anxiety medication.

Your physician or healthcare provider will determine which panic treatment will work best for you and your symptoms. By allowing them to treat you and following their treatment recommendations, you can be well on your way to feeling healthier and living your life free of the symptoms of panic attacks. Don't live with panic attacks - find treatment, so that you can live your life.

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