Learning How To Jump Higher For Volleyball

By: Bart Icles

Volleyball is one of the fastest and action packed sports there is. Playing the game involves keeping the ball from bouncing on your side of the court and making the ball hit the court being defended by your opponent. In this game, being able to jump high is very valuable. If you are a sports enthusiast and you want to learn how to jump higher for volleyball, there are certain tips that you need to keep in mind. In this game, height and flight is always to your advantage.
As a volleyball player, being able to jump high is truly a gift. Jumping higher means more chances of executing spectacular spikes and successful blocks. When you are able to achieve a remarkable vertical jump, you will be able to effectively play your role both on the offensive and defensive.
In order for you to jump higher, you must be able to make your legs stronger. Your legs play a big role in propelling you upwards and off the court - may the floor be of wood or sand. Your calf muscles are not the only ones that you need to strengthen; you will also need to work on your thigh and hip muscles. So after working your calves out, remember to do exercises that involve your thighs and hips.
Two of the most important exercises that you will need to perform are dead lifts and squats. These exercises help a lot in strengthening your leg muscles. They also give you a total body workout, making you tone your other body parts. Aside from squats and dead lifts, you can also do calf raises. This kind of exercises is needed in strengthening your lower legs. If you are just starting out on your jump higher mission, it is recommended that you focus more on strength building exercises for the first couple of months.
You jump higher training does not end here. Another thing you will need to know about how to jump higher for volleyball is explosive strength. Explosive strength involves your agility and your ability to jump. Plyometrics involving different jumping exercises that are done explosively appear to be the best and most effective way to help you jump higher. They also help you develop your acceleration from a dead start. Plyometric exercises can place a tremendous toll on your joints so remember not to do them more than twice or thrice every week.

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