Learning About Investment Planning 2

By: Patrick Johnson

Learning everything you need to know about investment planning can be daunting. There are so many questions. Where should you direct your money and when can you expect some return on your investment? And how does this all figure into your retirement plan? The way you can find answers to these questions is by figuring out where to start. Finding a professional advisor is a good first step. They will have knowledge and good advice that they can give to you in order to keep you from making mistakes.

Coming up with an Investment Plan
There are many reasons you should have a financial plan. There are the immediate bills to be paid, but there are also future considerations to make. How will you be able to save up for retirement or college? How will you be able to pay for a new home? You need to work with an Atlanta investment advisor who will focus on giving you some real financial security. You need a plan that will help you end up with all the money you need.

How an Advisor Can Help You With the Answers
An Atlanta investment adviser will look at your current financial situation and help you develop ideas about how you can save money, depending on your goals. Of course, your goals will be specific to you. You may need to save up for college or you may be getting close to retirement age. Either is a major stage in life and requires a big financial investment. An Atlanta certified financial planner will be able give you advice and direction on where your money should go in order to get short-term savings, meet your current responsibilities and work on these long-range financial projects.

An Atlanta investment advisor will also discuss with you which investments are the best for you. Which investments you make will depend on your age group,the amount of risk you can take, and the time you have before retirement. The younger you are, the more high-risk stocks you will be able to invest in, as these have a higher return and you have a lifetime to follow their ups and downs. An older investor will want a reliable return, because they donít have as much time. This is the general rule. An Atlanta registered investment advisor can explain this and other advice specifically targeted to your needs and

You need to make sure that the Atlanta independent financial advisor you choose to work with shares your feelings about where your investment planning should go, and is experienced enough to give you the right advice. They need to be attentive to your plan and the things you want to accomplish with your money. They should be looking at how your income will benefit, instead of how theirís will. If they are ignoring your plan, then they are not going to be giving you the best advice.

One of the advisors who can help you is Patrick Johnson, an Atlanta investment advisor who puts your plan as a priority. He will put together a custom financial strategy that will assure protection for the money you make now and a great plan for reaching the goals you have in the future. He works on the fee only system, so he will be focused solely on making you money.

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This article is provided by Patrick Johnson of SimonDavis Asset Management, based in Denver, Colorado. Mr. Patrick D. Johnson, a certified financial planner. He offers asset management and financial planning services. As a Registered Investment Advisor.

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