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By: Clint Jhonson

When you are attacked by an assailant, it is a situation where you have to either save your self from, or become a victim. There are numerous marital arts institutes that you can join in order to get perfect training. But what happens if you cannot join those classes. The key principal of winning or surviving a street fight is to be alert. You must master those self defense techniques which come naturally to you. Techniques which do not have much response time are best. As a matter of fact they are the chief street fighting moves.

Any correct mechanical response can be very effective and hurt your opponent easily. In any street fighting it is necessary that you also rely on your gut feeling. You donít always have to analyze your situation. Your gut feeling will tell you about the shady characters around you. You can easily make out the suspicious characters from the normal ones. The street fighting moves involve the fact that you should be aware of the strange and unhealthy environments and individuals.

The usage of weapons like steel rods and bo staffs is usually taught in the conventional marital arts school. But when you are on the street you donít really carry those weapons. Here you have to rely on the self defense techniques which handle a real situation. There arenít many people in the world who walk around with a nunchaku. Moreover they have to be used in an expert manner so as to effectively ward away the criminals. Thus you have to be on a lookout for something that is very common. Even a small coke tin would do.

You have to look for those objects which are easy to reach and grab. The self defense techniques or the street fighting moves, include using a cup of hot coffee against your attacker if necessary. Throw it on his face and this can be followed by a few kicks in the shin area. Try to distinguish between a real assailant and a fake one. A person who is speaking loudly in public will not really get into a situation of an attack. However a person, who will move towards you in an aggressive fashion and try to impinge your personal space, will be likely to attack you.

In the street fighting moves you have to be extremely smart if you are using a weapon. This is because you can be easily disarmed and the weapon can be used against you. Remember that it is not easy to disarm and that the criminals are no better than you in disarming. Many a time, the assailant might be thinking that you are fooling him by holding a weapon. But a confident posture and a competent way of holding the weapon will ensure that he feels threatened.

One of the important self defense techniques is injuring the attacker by just scratching him. If you scratch him, he will be easily identifiable. After you have been attacked you can go to the police and ask them to do a DNA printing of the assailant based on the skin that you have brought with you in the fingernail. The bottom line is that try to be alert while in a street fight.

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