Learn how to Draw a Golf Ball – 4 Uncomplicated Guidelines

By: Jim O Connell

Most of us who no longer hit the ball for excellent yardage look to improve our long game by drawing, or imparting a small hook, on our long shots. With the beginner or even intermediate player this may at first seem unachievable, but with some understanding of what we are attempting to achieve and just a little practice, anyone can be hitting this shot constantly.
There are a couple of main benefits to draw a golf ball:
• Distance. Striking a golf ball with a hook spin will trigger the golf ball to roll a greater distance than will a fade spin.
• Accuracy. If we can constantly strike the golf ball with a controlled draw, we can aim to the right of our objective and allow the ball to shape toward our target zone.
So to know the way to draw a golf ball, we must first examine the grip. The key approaches, then, for the hook grip are as follows:
1. Place the grip of a golf club across the base of your fingers. This lets you produce greater power due to better wrist hinge, simultaneously giving you enhanced control, or feel, for your golf club.
2. Do not grip the club extremely hard. As the great Sam Snead once said, “If a lot of people gripped a knife and fork the way they do a golf club, they’d starve to death”.
3. When gripping the golf club using a normal grip, the “V” between the thumb and forefinger points at the right shoulder for right-handed golfers, and the left shoulder for left-handed golfers.
4. To draw a ball, use a strong grip, which is executed simply by moving your hands on the golf club so the “V” would be to the right of the right shoulder (and of course to your left of your left shoulder for lefties). This will involuntarily close the clubface as it approaches the golf ball, imparting a counter-clockwise, or hook spin.
These tips regarding how to draw a ball are just general, as every golfer must test how strong his grip ought to be for the required effect. For example, those with physically strong hands might discover a stronger grip needless to bring the golf club into proper position.
The final factor that must go along with the hook grip to correctly draw the ball is proper swing path. If the golf club on impact does not go through the ball, specifically, if it cuts across the golf ball on an outside to inside path, the closed clubface will bring about a “pull” shot. This for the right-handed golfer will cause the golf ball to go a long way to your left. The path of the club head needs to be with a slightly inside to outside plain. The desired outcome is going to be accomplished when the grip along with the swing path of the golf club work together.

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