Learn how to Draw a Golf Ball – 4 Easy Tips

By: Jim O Connell

The majority of us who no longer whack the ball for excellent yardage look to boost our long game by drawing, or imparting a small hook, on our long shots. For the beginner or even intermediate participant this may initially appear unattainable, but by means of some knowledge of what we are attempting to achieve and just a little training, any person will be hitting this shot persistently.
There are a couple of key benefits to draw a ball:
• Distance. Striking a ball with a hook spin will trigger the golf ball to roll a greater distance than will a fade spin.
• Accuracy. If we could consistently strike the ball with a controlled draw, we are able to take aim to the right of our target and permit the golf ball to shape in the direction of our target zone.
So to know how to draw a golf ball, we must first take a look at the grip. The key approaches, then, for a hook grip are as follows:
1. Place the grip of the golf club across the base of your fingers. This lets you produce greater power through better wrist hinge, simultaneously providing you with improved control, or feel, for the club.
2. Tend not to grip the golf club excessively hard. As the great Sam Snead once said, “If a lot of people gripped a knife and fork the way they do a golf club, they’d starve to death”.
3. When gripping the golf club with a normal grip, the “V” between the thumb and forefinger points at the right shoulder for right-handed golfers, and the left shoulder for left-handed golfers.
4. To draw a golf ball, use a strong grip, which can be accomplished simply by moving your hands on the club so the “V” is to the right of the right shoulder (and naturally to your left of your left shoulder for lefties). This will consequentially close the clubface as it approaches the ball, imparting a counter-clockwise, or hook spin.
These tips on how to draw a golf ball are just wide-ranging, as each golfer must experiment how strong his grip should be for the desired outcome. For instance, individuals with physically strong hands might discover a stronger grip needless to bring the golf club into correct location.
The final feature that has got to go along with the hook grip to properly draw the golf ball is correct swing path. If the golf club on impact doesn't go through the ball, that is, if it cuts across the golf ball on an outside to inside direction, the closed clubface will cause a “pull” shot. This for the right-handed golfer will cause the golf ball to go far towards the left. The path of the club head needs to be with a slightly inside to outside plain. The desired result is going to be achieved when the grip as well as the swing path of the golf club work in concert.

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