Learn Three Beginner Martial Arts Tactics!

By: Ronald H Jeffries

Have you been searching for a valid way to learn beginners self defense tips? I have been in a lot of fights, have had a lot of martial arts training, have fought behind prison bars and have fought in a nightclub where I work as a bouncer. I have some valid techniques and tips to share with you especially if you are a beginner at martial arts training. The advice I am about to give you is some real stuff that you should incoporate into your skill set on handling violence and intimidation. Martial arts are great so I plan on sharing the very best self defense techniques that I know work, specifically designed for beginners.

Learn beginner martial arts #1 - Winning a street fight on the ground isn't always an option. You can be taken advantage of if he overpowers you. The only edge against this problem is training in ground based fighting like Brazilian Jiujutsu. But be aware that if he has friends with him, they can stomp and kick you until you are unconscious.

Learn beginner martial arts #2 - Don't assume you will defeat your opponent with one lead strike. It takes a lot of strikes and the ability to connect clearly on your opponent to cause any damage. You want to quickly adapt and learn kicking and punching techniques from katate and kick boxing. Arts like Taekwondo have no real valid uses in a street fight. Remember that.

Learn beginner martial arts #3 - Always be aware of your surroundings and be combat ready. Now I dont mean you have to be hyper vigilante and paranoid, but be aware of your surroundings, your environment and the people within it. Also know of the safest routes where ever you need to go.

Follow the tips and suggestions in this article but most importantly join a school or dojo and start training today! You never know what you may learn may possibly save your life or someone elses that is close to you. Learn those simple martial arts tactics and keep yourself safe!

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