Learn The Very Best Self Defense Moves To Win!

By: Ronald H Jeffries

Learn self defense moves.

So now that it is summer time I would like to dedicate this article on the importance of training in traditional martial arts. You can get the very best fitness from training in the martial arts and I recommend you try a traditional style to incorporate into your daily physical and cardio training requirements. One of the best martial arts classes I have found for cardio fitness consists of schools that are drilling and sparring techniques savvy.

Learn self defense moves #1 - One of the first techniques you are going to learn that works very effectively is the eye gouge. When you see a UFC fight end in disqualification because one of the fighers got poked in the eye, let that be a lesson. Being poked in the eye can cause extreme damage and extreme pain. It can also interrupt and impede the vision of your attacker. So if your punches aren't working while you are defending against being attacked your best move from there forward is to slam your fingers into your attackers eye sockets.

Learn self defense moves #2 - I highly suggest you train actively in martial arts. As long as it is a martial art that constantly drills you and psychologically trains you to be ready to handle combat. Fight stress is a very real issue when it comes to throwing down with a stranger on the streets. The more training and skills you have from practice will enable you to have a better chance of victory against someone who starts problems with you. Another big point here is to always train and maintain your physical health. Cardiovascular training as well as weight lifting and healthy eating is essential for maintaining your safety on the streets.

Learn self defense moves #3 - This is a handful of moves I have used against others in battles I have been in. Use at your own caution. The eye gouge is a convenient technique that will immobilize your opponents vision and/or may permanently damage him. This move works for smaller and weaker people whose strikes would not work to knock out a larger attacker. My second technique is striking the throat and adams apple area of your opponent. You can cause serious damage and limit his ability to breath.

Being knowledgable about what works in a street based self defense scenario is extremely important so be aware of what works and what doesnt and be sure to practice daily.

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