Learn The 4 Best Self Defense Training Tips!

By: Ronald H Jeffries

Some of the worlds very best fighters like you see in the mixed martial arts, have learned to incorporate a different variety and take certain tools from each style of martial arts they study. The best self defense training you can personally do is something that will increase your physical fitness and muscular endurance levels. In this article I will spread out some tips on how to get the best from your martial arts training.

Best self defense training tips #1 - The kick to the groin. You can use the kick, or a knee strike to cause and inflict damage and mostly pain to a male opponent. This move is not just limited with kicks and knee strikes, you can elbow the groin, stomp, bite, squeeze, rip. It is a very painful and sensitive area on every male opponent and if you need to fight for your life everything is fair on the street. Remember that and use this move.

Best self defense training tips #2 - Always stay in the best physical shape that you can be in. This means going to the gym, training with weights, doing your cardio endurance training and eating healthy. Being combat ready means you will be physically ready for any type of violence by being in good condition. If you are sixty pounds over weight and smoke a pack of cigarettes a day, you are an easy target.

Learn best self defense training tips #3 - Keep your kicking strikes to the lower half of the body, preferably under the waist. Keep your kicks aimed lower and aim for targets like the groin, inner thigh, kneecap, shin, ankles and feet. If you are able to smash an attackers ankle with a well placed kck you will cause him serious pain and increase your odds of winning and surviving the assault. Remember that kicking through the kneecap can break it as well immobilzing your opponent and giving you the opportunity to escape!

Best self defense training tips #4 - Be completely able and capable of handling the stress dump you will go through in a street fight. This means that you have to actively participate in real combat, using padded equipment and proper gear. You need to learn the importance of breathing and not be afraid of being hit. These are two extremely important things you must master before you will fair well in a real street fight.

Always use common sense and try to understand and memorize the four tips I listed above to keep your self much safer on the streets of life.

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