Learn Self Defense Fast In 4 Easy Steps!

By: Ronald H Jeffries

I want to show you how to learn street fighting and reality based self defense in a way that will protect you and give you the advantage and information you need. I want to prepare you with things including combat, verbal self defense and living passively, avoiding conflict all together. The following ideas and suggestions have worked for me in many previous different situations and what I'm about to expose you too is the real deal. This is a random collection of tips and ideas but if you want to learn street fighting self defense follow this.

Learn self defense fast #1 - The one thing that I personally love about training in Brazilian Jiujutsu is that we are only ranked by our skill level by how proficient we are at defending ourselves and in actual combat. The biggest thing that comes down to winning a fight or combat situation is your conditioning, speed, size and strength. If you dont have these three things you won't last too long in a life or death self defense situation. So the rule of thumb here is to train frequently with weights and do things like jogging, going for walks or riding a bike to build up your cardiovascular fitness.

Learn self defense fast #2 - Researching information and tips on self defense is always a great idea for staying safe. If you want to learn martial arts training keep your training as realistic as you can. If you can watch youtube videos that you can learn from and practice at home with a friend is always a good idea too. Being able to learn different styles of martial arts that contain techniques designed for ground combat and striking are usually the best styles to learn from martial arts.

Learn self defense fast #3 - Be sure that you carry a weapon at all times but only if it is legal in your country or state. Many violent offenders and criminals carry weapons themselves. So I think as a personal rule it is a good idea to carry a self defense tool on your person. Especially consider this if you are smaller or weaker then the average person. When it comes to protecting your life against a hostile individual that is armed you will want to have a tool to defend and attack with. But like I said, only if it is legal in your country or area where you live.

Learn self defense fast #4 - Being able to cover all your bases for being more actively aware and safe is important. Being able to have a self defense tool on your person at all times, being able to enroll in martial arts classes, going to the gym and getting in better physical shape, and being healthy are essential. The more better prepared and ahead of the game you are when it comes to self defense the better outcomes you will have when a situation turns physical.

Learn self defense tips and training that can excel you in your self defense training. You can become an even better and more alert fighter and warrior by reading more tips and taking your self defense and martial arts training seriously!

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