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By: George Velvet

Kettlebell exercises can benefit most people because the dynamic movements work out multiple muscle groups and promote better overall physical health. A great way to learn the basics is by watching kettlebell DVDs and getting a good foundation for basic exercise movements. You can also check out resources online like The Strength Academy website.

If you are in search of the best tool for helping you build muscle and improve your overall physical conditioning, consider the kettlebell. Kettlebell exercises have surged in popularity despite the fact that many people continue to be unaware of their benefits. The kettlebell is really just an iron sphere with a handle that comes in different weights, just like other exercise weights. In fact, they are used for exactly the same reasons. The difference is how they are used. The exercise movements are dynamic and ballistic; therefore, the overall workout is more effective.

How are kettlebells used?

Kettlebells have advantages over conventional resistance training because flexibility and variety are incorporated into the workout. Kettlebell exercises also use more muscle groups instead of isolating individual muscles, thus promoting muscle synergy. The result is that power, stamina and flexibility are developed along with strength. Conditioning is therefore more complete.

Kettlebell exercises are more difficult than other free weight exercises but this is good for the muscles since they are made to work harder and thus develop more efficiently. Additionally, because flexibility is improved, the joints are better conditioned for impact toleration. This is important for people who play contact sports including football, martial arts and boxing.

Kettlebell Workouts

A great way to begin working out with kettlebells is from kettlebell DVDs. The following are some basic moves.

Basic swing: stand with feet apart as wide as your shoulders. With hips bent slightly, hold the kettlebell downward then swing it behind you between your legs. Then straighten up while swinging the weight up to chest level smoothly. Try this 10 times to get the rhythm and proper execution. For the correct movement pattern visualise preparation for a horizontal jump, not a vertical jump.

Basic Squat: Stand erect. Using both hands, hold the kettlebell up at the level of your chest. Keep your back straight, and bend your legs to squat by sitting backwards. Repeat 10 times.

Clean: Do an upward swing. But at knee level, pull the kettlebell to you and let it roll and settle upon your forearm in front of the chest.

There are many great resources online for kettlebell workouts. One of the best websites to check is The Strength Academy. They have the most comprehensive and updated information about kettlebell training including articles and routines. Workshops and training programs are conducted by accredited kettlebell experts. Kettlebell DVDs are also available. These demonstrate how to adapt kettlebell training into your fitness program. There are specially designed workouts for reducing fat, shaping the muscles and developing flexibility.

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