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By: Lee Jacobs

Miracle Mineral Supplement or MMS is a very powerful molecule that is known as chlorine dioxide. This substance works exceptionally well and in an amazing fashion with our body's immune system. As we become increasingly resistant to antibiotics and medications, drug manufacturers are working overtime trying to find a way to cope with pathogens. The more we take an antibiotic, the less effective it becomes in treating the very thing we need it to treat. To find something that will work with the body and not create resistance is the ultimate goal of every drug company out there.
Chlorine dioxide is a potent oxidizer. It has the ability to take the electrons from any pathogen it encounters and rendering it useless. It is even more effective because the body will not develop a resistance to it. Healthy body tissue and pathogens are very different. The electrostatic charge that takes place between chlorine dioxide and the pathogens occurs every time they encounter one another. The pathogen is stripped of its electrons that are then attached to the chlorine dioxide, changing both of them into something harmless.
We have been treating our water supplies with chlorine dioxide for a long time because it is very effective in riding the water of deleterious water borne diseases. The agricultural community and hospitals were using this substance long before Jim Humble's discovery. Since the body is made up of mostly water, it would make sense that it would work in it in the same fashion.
As soon as the chlorine dioxide molecule meets up with a pathogen the positive interaction begins. The electrostatic potential creates an optimum environment whereby the pathogen is stripped of up to five electrons in one shot. This proves to be fatal to almost any pathogen that invades the body.
Once the electrons have been removed from the pathogen, the chlorine dioxide molecule has acquired the additional electrons and is used up. It then breaks down into harmless by products. The pathogen is neutralized and turned to salt. Both have been remade into a harmless by product.
It's such an easy process! And it is also beneficial to the body as well!
Interestingly enough, this powerful substance only interacts with structures that have less than a ph of 7. This means that it likes an acidic environment. Scientists have learned that many of the diseases and stressors we now encounter in today's world, have a very acidic internal biochemistry. It therefore is a perfect combination as the chlorine dioxide is attracted to the very same thing. This powerful molecule can move about the body without any problem, but when it encounters an enemy it goes into action, taking care of bacteria, toxins and viruses.
Tissues and good bacteria generally have a ph of greater than 7 and will therefore not take part in the reaction. They are unaffected and will not give away their electrons, as the pathogens will do. A positive charge is most often acidic and willing to give away electrons making them a perfect target for annihilation by the chlorine dioxide molecule.
If the chlorine dioxide has been in the body for an hour or more and has not encountered anything to interact with, it will turn into a nontoxic salt. It will become the helpful substance known as hypochlorous acid.
This perfectly working mineral supplement is very potent medicine when it encounters its enemy! And it works like a charm!

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This article is written by Lee Jacobs who is an Acupuncturist, and has been in the field of health for 13 years. Please feel free to read more about the miracle mineral supplement,feel free to visit www.mmshealthy4life.com

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