Learn Martial Arts Moves To Improve Your Ability!

By: Ronald H Jeffries

Want to learn some of the best kept secrets of martial arts moves that work great? I want to explore and share with you a collection of street self defense fighting techniques that will make you a better fighter. I have been a martial artist my whole life, and have fought in many dangerous situations outside of the dojo. From what I can tell you, these are the following best kept secrets of reality based self defense training:

Learn martial arts moves #1 - Biting is a method of causing serious damage and pain! Do you remember the fight in professional boxing, where boxer, Mike Tyson, bit off his opponents ear in the middle of a live pay per view fight? It was messed up! However this method of causing damage to your enemy is very real and works great. Other then having to be aware of blood based diseases, if your life is in danger and all you are able to do to defend yourself correctly is biting, well, this is a move that works and it works great. So use it.

Learn martial arts moves #2 - Specialized styles of reality based self defense training are always worth looking into. You can find styles like Israeli, Krav Maga. There are also many different types of training specialized for unarmed and armed combat. These come in the forms of training seminars, video series, books, eBooks and personal one on one training with an expert. When it comes to self defense I would suggest the best is to train in military style combat.

Learn martial arts moves #3 - If you can ever find a specialized training seminar for self defense training by all means invest in yourself and do it! Even if it is as simple as investing in YMCA self defense program, or some karate classes at the local dojo. Doing anything to improve your fighting skills and physical fitness is one of the biggest things you need to do to excel in reality based martial arts.

I know that all these methods you have just learned on how to street fight will give you an advantage in your martial arts training. Take your self defense training seriously and get the most out of your martial arts training that you can to become the best fighter you can be!

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