Learn Martial Arts From Home For A Butt Kicking Advantage!

By: Ronald H Jeffries

I would like to discuss the importance of being cross trained in martial arts and understanding the different styles and traditions to be better skilled and prepared for self defense training to improve your odds of winning a fight. If you want to learn how to improve your martial arts skills and technical abilities the following self defense techniques and tips that you will read inside this specialized article will give you what you need. Being able to survive and protect the people you care about in your life is important. So please be advised to the following:

Learn martial arts from home #1 - One of the best resources you will need right away and is absolutely essential is someone to train with. If not a partner to train with some equipment that can supplement the effect of a person. Get something like a punching bag or kung fu punching dummy. There are even more different devices on the martial arts market today that can give you the advantage of training more accurately despite not having a partner when you are training at home.

Learn martial arts from home #2 - Another wonderful resource you can learn from thanks to the internet is learning martial arts from youtube videos. You can get a full education on self defense and any type of martial arts training that you are interested on youtube and other free viral video sites. The trick is to practice the techniques to perfection with repetition so you can memorize the techniques. Learning from blackbelt instructors in different styles of martial arts is a great way to diversify your training and learning from home!

Learn martial arts from home #3 - This is a martial arts system that was founded by Israeli commandos. It is based completely on self defense in a military fashion. It teaches you how to take on people armed with guns and knives as well as unarmed attackers. There is no complicated or fancy, flashy moves but is a serious system designed to destroy your opponent. You only need about a week to learn this system and once you have it memorized you are good to go in terms of keeping yourself safe and well prepared for combat.

These are my four best street martial arts styles that I would suggest you look into to further your knowledge and skill levels for reality based street self defense. A lot of other traditional martial arts are great to learn and practice but my top four suggestions are the very best.

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