Learn How to build a Worm Farm 

By: sturat

When I was a child my uncle taught me how to build a worm farm. Why would anyone do this? Well, it is good for the environment, it is good for saving money, and you never have to worry about fish bait. A worm farm is basically free to begin and is super simple.These farms are supported mainly by the trash that you toss out daily, so this is good for the environment. The feces of the worms can be used as fertilizer helping your garden produce more and this keeps money in your pocket. In addition, if you are a fisherman, you never have to buy fish bait again. If you would like to learn how to build a worm farm, keep reading.The components of a worm farm are basically free. A good basis for a worm farm is an old refrigerator or freezer that still seals shut. Be sure that the coils and compressor have been removed. This will prevent the chemicals inside from leaking and poisoning the ground. Dig a hole deep enough to fit the appliance into and place it just deep enough that the lid is still above ground. There will be holes in the appliance, but that is okay you will need holes for drainage. Next, layer in garbage, newspaper clips, yard waste, and dirt. Be sure to saturate thoroughly. Once there is no water standing in the appliance it is time to add worms.You should be able to find enough worms in the pile of dirt you dug up to finish the farm. This is a good job for the kids. Let them sit and get dirty looking for worms. They’ll have a blast and don’t worry kids are washable! You may occasionally add garbage to the farm, but you should keep in mind some simple rules. It can take several weeks to decompose so keep an eye on time. If it is coming close to spring you will need to let the garbage thoroughly decompose so you can use it in your garden. Also be sure that the dirt doesn’t get overly dry this can cause your worms to retreat downward and will slow composition. Also be sure that the lid is closed firmly when not in use. This will keep extra water as well as animals out. Last but not least, if at all possible lock any appliances that may have room for children inside. The last thing you want to find shut in the box is a child! Similarly, you can learn how to build a model sailboat easily in this way.Worm farms are a fun project for the whole family. Your kids will remember how to build a worm farm for the rest of their life. Anything that can save money, be good for the environment and bring your family together is worth a try.

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