Learn How To Speed Read Permanently In Under 60 Seconds

By: Daniel Herzner

Have you ever had the desire to speed read? Just think about how helpful it would be in your day to day life to be able to read twice as fast. Especially today in the information age, learning how to increase your reading speed would be such a helpful tool for so many of us.

It's amazing to think about all of the reading material we can bring into our lives today onto the computer screen. The sheer number of books we now have at our disposal is on a perpetual upward climb while is seems the time we have available for reading is on a constant decline.

No doubt about it, now is just a fantastic time to learn new speed reading techniques.

Unfortunately, learning how to improve reading speed is not an easy thing to do. Speed reading courses are expensive, time consuming and are often very confusing. I have yet to find a speed reading course that doesn't require endless hours of study and practice time.

There's got to be a better way. There has to be a better method for people to take in more reading material in a shorter amount of time. If you like the sound of that then have I got fantastic news for you.

You will soon see how you can at least double your reading speed painlessly. I know this may sound a little far fetched but I assure you it is very much the case.

The huge downside of all speed reading courses and instruction is they place all of the challenge for improved reading speed on you. Meaning, the challenges of speed reading techniques are thrown into your lap. You have to spend your money on an expensive course, study and practice often confusing techniques and if you don't pick up on it, tough; you're out of luck.

But what if all the challenges were taken away from you? What if you could at least double your reading speed, instantly, regardless of your scholastic aptitude or economic circumstances?

Think about it; no speed reading course to buy, no studying, no time spent practicing and inside of 60 seconds you'd be reading twice as fast. Do you doubt this is posible? Read on and you'll see.

The way you've read all your life dictates that every line of text is read in a unidirectional, left to right pattern. In acuality it's a very difficult and time consuming reading technique. A much more efficient, much faster way to absorb your reading material is to read in a zigzag pattern. When your eye can read every other line of text backwards, you'll be amazed at the boost in your reading speed.

The difficulty is reading backwards is very confusing and the words you're reading become pretty much meaningless. But what if that was not the case? What if you could read in a zigzag pattern in such a way that every line read backwards made just as much sense as the lines read left to right?

Well now you can! A newly introduced publishing model enables people to read faster in under 60 seconds. This patented publishing model will allow your eye to travel down a page in a back and forth pattern and every line read backwards will make just as much sense as if you were reading it from forward.

The internet has introduced massive changes in the way things are done. EBooks are one of the more significant changes the internet has brought us. There's got to be a better, more efficient way to read and now it's here.

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Go now and check out this amazing speed reading technique for yourself. Its inventor and creator, Dan Herzner has formatted his entire book using this publishing format. Down load the book free at APlumInTheSyrup dot com.

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