Learn How To Attract Money Using The Law Of Attraction

By: Casey Natter

The law of attraction has worked for many individuals when trying to attract money. The law of attraction actually deals with your entire bodies energy focused on energy to attract money by giving out money with love or blessing the money. This is so much more then just positive thinking as it actually take s a lot of introspective to completely understanding what you are feeling and thinking about and channeling that towards attracting money.
When trying to attract money you have to use both your conscious and subconscious energy to focus on attracting money. You have to enjoy money and get rid of any ideas that having too much money is wrongs and that there is something noble about suffering and being poor. All of that is nonsense and no one understands that better then those that are wealthy. They understand the power that money and attracting money has.
Meditations and your state of being are very important and you can test yourself to determine you view points on money that can help you begin your journey to attracting money. Many times individuals do not have a problem with receiving small sums of money without working hard but they will resist large sums of money without having worked hard for it. Interestingly enough many people have an unconscious resistance to receiving large sums of money that they have not earned.
To attract money you first need to enjoy and love money. It is important to get rid of your resistance and hone your focus. If you enjoy money, use it and help others then it will come back to you. Any money you use or give away must be done under love or be blesses. Even giving away a few coins a day will suffice as many of us are on a budget and cannot spare large sums.
To attract money you actually need to be carrying money. Money will attract money and credit cards will attract debt. Instead of carrying a credit card switch to a debit card as many people do not like to carry large sums of money.
By using visualization and meditation you can attract more money, which in turn brings more wealth. This is actually done by many wealthy individuals who understand the power involved with money. The strongest money is those that were given to loved ones or that bring miracles as well as donations to those in need. To attract money you do need to give it away as well.

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