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By: Ronald H Jeffries

If you have been looking for information concerning reality based self defense you are probably getting beat down by websites and articles written by all the different gurus out there. There is a lot of impressive self defense information being offered by I would like to share with you some of the real facts about reality based self defense and will expose tips and real suggestions that will allow you to have a better chance of escape and survival in an attack.

While there is no perfect system for self defense for your body type and skill level you can develop a fighting system that will work for you personally to defend yourself. The key concept is to understand a few significant fighting principles that are universal and will help you when it comes to protecting yourself.

Learn beginner martial arts #1 - The first thing you will get in a dojo is your white belt. The white belt symbolizes being a beginner and having a pure undisturbed mind that is ready to accept technique. You will work your way from white belt to black belt in most modern martial arts styles you learn and this is a ranking system. Earning your blackbelt is usually the end result of most systems, signifying mastery of your chosen style. However it will take you years to get to that point.

Learn beginner martial arts #2 - Researching information and tips on self defense is always a great idea for staying safe. If you want to learn martial arts training keep your training as realistic as you can. If you can watch youtube videos that you can learn from and practice at home with a friend is always a good idea too. Being able to learn different styles of martial arts that contain techniques designed for ground combat and striking are usually the best styles to learn from martial arts.

Learn beginner martial arts #3: Train in different traditional styles of martial arts. I have learned from Karate, Judo and Brazilian Jiujutsu. What I can tell you for myself personally, is that I have a range of skills for dealing with in close combat as well as clinch fighting and taking it to the ground for the finish. You however may be entirely different and have different valid skills based on your martial arts training and abilities as a fighter and experience you have had with combat.

I hope you have learned these potent reality based self defense tips and take them into consideration to keep yourself safer and better prepared to handle violence whenever it appears. There is no magic secret for winning every fight but these self defense tips are key suggestions for survival.

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