Learn A Beginners Self Defense System!

By: Ronald H Jeffries

Would you like to learn some self defense moves you can incorporate into any style of martial arts training you are currently in right now or an art you have practiced in the past? In today's article I would like to share some extremely valid martial arts techniques that will greatly improve your chances of winning in a reality based self defense situation. Say if you are mugged or attacked while out in your daily life, the following tips have been taken from prison based combat and these are guaranteed to work no matter your age, size or skill level.

Learn beginners self defense system tip #1 - One of the best resources you will need right away and is absolutely essential is someone to train with. If not a partner to train with some equipment that can supplement the effect of a person. Get something like a punching bag or kung fu punching dummy. There are even more different devices on the martial arts market today that can give you the advantage of training more accurately despite not having a partner when you are training at home.

Learn beginners self defense system tip #2 - When you are out and about in your daily life be constantly aware of what is going on around you and the people around you. Be aware of your personal safety. Looking around and using store front windows and even car windows to keep your eyes aware of your environment is integral. Listening to the sounds and being consciously aware of where you and shady people can prevent a situation from occuring. Also if it is legal where you live, carrying a self defense tool is always a good option as well. Being able to protect yourself and the people you love is something you have to do.

Learn beginners self defense system tip #3 - Be completely able and capable of handling the stress dump you will go through in a street fight. This means that you have to actively participate in real combat, using padded equipment and proper gear. You need to learn the importance of breathing and not be afraid of being hit. These are two extremely important things you must master before you will fair well in a real street fight.

Always use common sense and try to understand and memorize the four tips I listed above to keep your self much safer on the streets of life.

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