Learn 3 Beginner Self Defense Techniques!

By: Ronald H Jeffries

Some of the worlds very best fighters like you see in the mixed martial arts, have learned to incorporate a different variety and take certain tools from each style of martial arts they study. The best self defense training you can personally do is something that will increase your physical fitness and muscular endurance levels. In this article I will spread out some tips on how to get the best from your martial arts training.

Learn Beginner Self Defense Techniques #1 - I suggest you enroll in a valid style of traditional martial arts that focuses on drilling and sparring. Good arts that I recommend you join include: Brazilian Jiujutsu, Karate, Kickboxing and Judo. These are great and training intensive arts that can improve your skill levels and give you the level of fitness that will keep you healthier and able to compete against an opponent on the street.

Learn Beginner Self Defense Techniques #2: There are three main areas you should strike including targets in each region. They consist of: Region One: the head- throat, eyes, nose, temples, chin, ears. Region Two: the mid section- collar bone, kidneys, ribs, stomach, groin. Region Three: the lower body- shins, knee caps, feet, toes, legs. You absolutely need to know how to cause extreme pain and target the right spots on your attackers body to submit and destroy him easier.

Learn Beginner Self Defense Techniques #3 - Absorb as much information and learn martial arts tips as often as you can. Read articles like this on the internet, look into martial arts DVD's, even check out youtube. The number one thing you want to do is fill your mind with information and the second thing you want to do is actively practice. Being able to handle yourself by practicing in a dojo or with padded gear with your friends will arm you better and will make you better prepared. Learning martial arts tips is good but you have to apply what you learn to make it your automatic reaction.

I hope I have shared enough insight into self defense and hope you I have helped you learn some martial arts tips that will help keep you safer. Remember that the responsibility of keeping yourself safe and alive is entirely your own. So practice self defense training often!

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