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By: Toan Dinh

For generations, recreational as well as professional duffers have attempted to master the “right” way to swing their clubs and expertly manipulate their putters. To that end, they’ve attended countless clinics and programs aimed at teaching specific stances and follow-through methods. So why don’t more of them increase their abilities? The secret may lie in the fact that they aren’t learning the “Baird’s Way”, a unique approach to golf taught at a top San Diego golf school that also offers a winter months Las Vegas golf school.

The “Baird’s Way” approach to golf is different from other processes because it does not assume a “one size fits all” mentality. Instead, it focuses on individualizing one’s golf game by utilizing one’s own physical attributes. For instance, under traditional golf school methods, a 55-year-old man’s build and abilities might be different from a 22-year-old woman’s, but they would still be taught the game of golf in a similar manner. Taken at face value, this may seem reasonable, but when analyzed deeper, it becomes obvious that there are huge flaws to this approach. Alternatively, “Baird’s Way” chooses to eschew this type of golf schooling in favor of a personalized approach that takes into account the golfer’s needs and aptitude.

Taught and mastered exclusively at a San Diego golf school, “Baird’s Way” has revolutionized the way that many golfers learn the game. Not surprisingly, it has also enticed some golf lovers who had become disenchanted with the sport to come back into the fold thanks to their renewed excitement. After all, when they come to realize that they can become better by relying on their innate skills and talents, they start to immediately tackle the links feeling empowered and refreshed.

Perhaps the best aspect of “Baird’s Way” is the fact that it’s perfectly suited for any person, regardless of age. Therefore, it can be learned by a teen or ‘tween just as well as a senior. It’s also ideal for golfers who have been golfing for a long time but have not been able to break personal barriers to achieve golfing success. In fact, many attendees of San Diego golf schools have found that they’ve been able to shave strokes off their golf games after participating in the “Baird’s Way” commuter programs, short game school and/or corporate outings.

So why don’t more instructors teach the “Baird’s Way” if it’s such a powerful technique? First, it’s a protected method only taught at top San Diego and Las Vegas golf schools. Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, it requires that instructors be well-versed and highly trained. Unfortunately, many golf teachers are unable or unwilling to put forth the time and effort needed to embrace the “Baird’s Way” of golf instruction. Consequently, they choose the easier route, which is to teach golf the “old-fashioned” way.

If you’re looking to improve your golf game or just have fun on the links again, it’s time to rejuvenate yourself. Contact a top San Diego golf school today and find increased enjoyment in the back nine. You’ll never be discouraged by a one-size-fits-all golf approach again.

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