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By: Julian Oneil Lee

As you may know, real estate agents often ask, what's the best marketing tool for real estate? Actually, you are your best real estate marketing tool. So, the most dominant real estate marketing tool, which is the agent behind the marketing. In a way that automatically gets into the top-ten list of marketing tools for real estate. So letís look at the whole list.

1. So, the real estate professional. As we discussed at the beginning, in fact you are your most powerful marketing tool for real estate blossoming. Keep in mind: none of the other items on this list can be effective without your energy, focus, compassion, intelligence and enthusiasm.

2. A real estate website. Actually, each day in your market area, hundreds (possibly thousands) of home consumers and sellers turn to the Internet for real estate information. Donít you know that having a real estate website is the first step to connecting with this ideal audience. Thus, as you should know, the website is a { core| key| crucial| important| decisive| critical| determinant [/spin marketing tool for real estate in the modern age.

3. A real estate blog. In my opinion, another important point that should be mentioned is that real estate blogs can be one of the most beneficial marketing tools for real estate agents - especially when they're used properly. As a matter of fact, when you publish quality content to a real estate blog on a regular basis, you are extending your web presence. It is very important to take into account that you're also positioning yourself as an authority in your area. As far as my personal experience can be taken into account, these are just a few of the reasons a blog makes a good marketing tool for real estate success.

4. Real estate postcards. Donít be afraid, postcards aren't obsolete tool. In a way, the postcard marketing strategies used by a lot of real estate agents are indeed outdated, but the medium itself can still bring great rewards. If we are making a closer investigation of this problem, real estate postcards have been a reliable marketing tool for real estate agents for decades. Beyond any doubt, they can still be highly effective, especially when integrated with some of the other marketing channels.

5. Client referrals. It's no secret that, as far as this issue is concerned, client referrals direct to a lot of business in the real estate industry. So as you may observe, referrals are a powerful marketing tool for real estate agents. There is also a need to point out that some agents forget that the process leading up to a good referral begins on the 1st day of the working relationship. Remember: take good care of your clients from first contact to closing day, and you'll tap into one of the most powerful marketing tools for real estate - the client referral.

6. Home-buying seminars. According to my own experience, I would recommend home-buying seminars as a marketing tool for real estate agents. The other thing that needs to be added is that no other real estate marketing technique can generate a room full of potential clients, eager to hear what you have to say. It is known that there are plenty of logistics involved, but the rewards usually outweigh the effort. It also should be said that home buying seminars are most effective as a real estate marketing tool when conducted in collaboration (i.e., a real estate agent teaming up with a home inspector, mortgage professional, etc.

7. A web "presence". You may ask: what's the difference between a web presence and a website? Actually, a website is a grain of sand on a long beach, with little hope of standing out in any significant way. But one of the central hints for you to know is that a web presence increases the chance people will find you online. Actually, a web presence includes such things as the real estate website, online press releases, real estate blogging and other online ventures. Moreover, in an age where so many people use the Internet for real estate research, a strong web presence is a necessary marketing tool for real estate success.

8. A big idea. To the best of our knowledge, this is a real estate marketing tool you can't buy in stores, which is in some measure why it's so effective. We can safely assume that once a big idea has been used in a certain market area, it can never be repeated with equal success. Moreover, when you can come up with something that gets people in you're area "buzzing" and spreading the word, you've tapped into another powerful marketing tool for real estate success.

9. A latest outlook. It's common knowledge that the Internet has forever changed real estate analysis, as well as the real estate transactions themselves. So, as far as my personal experience can be taken into account, it's important for real estate agents to adopt a modern way of thinking about their business. First of all, start with what consumers are doing today, how they're using the Internet, etc. Ant then just work backwards from there. And donít forget to keep a modern outlook toward real estate, and you'll acquire yet another marketing tool for real estate success.

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Julian Lee is an experienced Real Estate Investor and Internet Marketer from South Florida who actively wholesale properties and leverages the power of the internet to close more deals. To get access to Cheap Homes Florida and Florida wholesale properties visit cheaphomesflorida.com

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