Lawsut Loan -Settlement Funding- Is it Right for You?

By: Dr. Tom Rhudy

More than 90% of plaintiffs (i.e., the one filing a complaint), and many attorneys are unaware that a lawsuit loan (a/k/a "settlement funding") may be obtained to assist with expenses incurred in the process of litigation.
Frequently, those involved in litigation are stressed out, feeling as though they have no one to whom they may turn and they are drowning in debt!
This article, hopefully, will shed a little light on the subject. Settlement funding is often available and would alleviate much of your stress, were you only aware of their existence!
However, these loans don't fall out of the sky. You must first submit an application, requesting one from a vendor. The selection of the vendor is key to making the most out of the process.
Diligence should be exercised in finding a lender/broker to whom the application may be forwarded. Failure to find the right lender/broker may prove to be a very costly mistake!
The lender's knowledge and expertise, often greater than your attorney's, makes the selection vital.
One of the most frequent reasons for denial is an incomplete application. Missing telephone numbers, missing fax numbers, missing attorney's names, etc. will prevent you from obtaining a lawsuit loan.
Therefore, the first key to successfully obtaining a settlement loan is completing the application. Do not take this simple procedure for granted. This is the lynchpin of your success!
Obviously, if the lender thinks that your case has no merit, it will not provide settlement funding. Furthermore, the lender may guide you in finding holes in your case, things that could be easily addressed once they are brought to your attention!

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