Launching Your Own Astral Travel

By: Abhishek Agarwal..

Astral travel has increased its popularity after experts have exposed the methods used in the procedure. The number of people interested to try their hand at this procedure has increased knowing that it can be developed and acquired. The ability to get out of your body and observe the world from a different point of view is a rewarding experience. So, if you're interested in experiencing this as well, continue reading.
How Do You Begin Astral Travel?- Out of body travels and experiences are identified in two ways: spontaneous and deliberate. The spontaneous or natural process is when you experience a separation from your physical body while attempting to rest or during sleep and your mind is inactive. Eventually, your subconscious mind will take control that will awaken your astral body. Astral projection is not only limited during sleep though it can also happen when you are meditating or in a state of trance. As a result of these meditative activities, you will be able to heighten your senses and produce awareness in your subconscious mind to enter a new dimension known as astral planes.
The deliberate process of astral travel also produces a heightened level of sensitivity and energy, with the main difference being that you produce them at will.
Dealing With Duality - When you reach the astral plane, people (especially beginners) often get confused. The new dimension to which you travel to once you have awakened your astral body is quite vague and indiscernible. It does not have a parallel to the "real" world and no distinct form or images to concretize it with. Therefore, dualities are quite a common experience with this type of projection. It does not only refer to the duality between your astral and physical body, but also that of several elements that you will encounter during travel in various astral planes.
Meanwhile, if you were to discuss the duality between the physical and astral body, it has been one of the major source of confusion. For one, you will be having two different types of consciousness for each body. When people embark on astral travel, they find it difficult to confront the sight of their own seemingly lifeless body. If you are having trouble overcoming this experience, then you can adapt practical methods to avoid this and have more success in your astral projection efforts. The obvious solution would be to turn your sight away from the physical body and explore more of the features in the astral plane. Another solution would be to return into your physical body. After you have gotten used to the method of awakening your astral consciousness, it becomes easier to deal with the duality of consciousness.
Going Back to the Physical Body
You will have to take the same amount of willingness as you did when awakening your astral body and leaving your physical body. When you encounter noises, vibrations, or light, they are a normal occurrence in this process. There is a Silver Cord that connects your astral body to the physical, such that messages are exchanged between both bodies to stay coordinated while you travel in a different realm. When you are done with your astral travel, it will easily be able to find where your body is and return back to sleep.

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