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Due to a sharp decline in equity markets and NSE sleek, gold and silver prices rising for the first time after three months. May 16, 2012, the price of silver fell 1.17 percent after his arrival to 53,010 rupees per kilogram. But on the morning of Friday, May 18, 2012 in the price of silver has little in the 3 per cent or 82.6 U.S. cents per trade and $ 27.996 per ounce. In the following courses in the future, we expect that the price of gold, silver, and moving up.

Is also the transfer of another base and precious metals such as palladium, copper and other upward with respect to the previous session? After three months of waiting, and copper rose in London Stock Exchange for metals 0.1 percent after his arrival to 7,656.75 dollars per ton. Copper prices have recovered since the last session of 0.58 percent and reached to Rs.422.25 per kg. In previous meetings, and the price of oil dropped 0.96 percent. Crude oil trading at Rs 5034 per barrel.

The price of Brent crude about 67 cents, or 0.6 percent, which was negotiated at $ 112.24 a barrel on the London Stock Exchange for metals. They said that if it continues to decline, while the losses in oil futures trading in Asia and Europe for development. Thursday, Brent crude recorded the lowest score of the month. May 18, 2012, Brent crude rose above the stable 107.56 dollars per barrel at about 11:32.

The price of U.S. light crude up 3 cents to $ 92.29, but that's the biggest drop in the price of three months. The state-of-the euro area since the debt crisis is worse than the cost of credit in Spain because of the low rate of bank lending to European banks. Platinum rose for the month of July by 1.5 percent and was quoted $ 1453.40 per ounce. And palladium in June showed an increase of 2 percent or $ 11.75 and is included in $ 605.25.

And futures are an agreement between two parties to buy or sell assets at a certain point in the future at an agreed price in advance. Futures are standardized and traded on stock exchanges. And futures contracts can be exercised on or before the due date of the compensation. It's kind of futures contracts are a form of derivative instrument that the seller and buyer agree on the tools of physical and financial products for the future to settle at a certain price. The future is stylish futures are financial instruments based on the elegance of the S & P, which is the reference for the NSE. Work is the appropriate type of market where trading is based on the attached index S & P CNX stylish.

Stylish is an index of 50 leading company in the NSE (National Stock Exchange), representing the performance of this company. Funny cover about 60% of the total market value. The size of a lot of futures contracts is a stylish 50 and above. The future of the owl has a maximum of three months of the business cycle, the first man in the next month, and next month in the second and third months. On the day of settlement for the future on the one hand is on the last Thursday of every month or after the last day of trading last Thursday, if it becomes a holiday. Settlement price is the final price of the shares is the day the final settlement price is the final price of the share is mounted in the previous trading day.

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