Laser Beams for Spider Vein Treatment in Huntington Beach

By: Nicholas Hedge

Varicose vein is a common problem that plagues aged men and women causing dark knotted veins in their legs making them visually repulsive. Minimally invasive treatment is available that can offer long-term relief soothing the areas and making them seem almost normal. Also known as vein ablation method the procedure uses laser energy or radio frequency to burn the enlarged veins and close them. When the diseased veins shut the others continue carrying blood from the leg to the heart and the normal flow is resumed. The entire procedure is carried out under local anesthesia and takes roughly an hour.

Why Is Vein Ablation Necessary?

People suffering from varicose veins experience throbbing pain in their legs along with heaviness and fatigue. These conditions gradually worsen and in some cases lead to ulcers. Venous insufficiency injures the skin surrounding the ankles which causes scarring and then leads to ulcers. The vein ablation treatment can alleviate the situation and bring the legs back to normal. The condition is caused when veins in the body’s lower part that carry blood to the heart weaken with age and constant stress from carrying it against the gravitational force. As the frail veins become unable to maintain the flow properly, blood tends to flow backwards and starts pooling in the veins making them enlarged. This reflux is known as venous insufficiency and needs immediate medical attention.

Performing The Procedure

The vein ablation technique is image-guided and done by a Spider Vein Specialist. A topical medicine is applied on the enlarged veins to ease the discomfort. The area where the catheter enters the veins is numbed with a local anesthetic. An ultrasound wand tracks the progress of the vein. A small incision is made on the site after the area has been sterilized and covered using a surgical drape. With the help of ultrasound guidance the catheter is inserted under the skin and up to the affected vein. The radio frequency electrode in inserted through the catheterexposing the tip. After applying local anesthesia the laser rays are applied while withdrawing the catheter at the same time. The skin is covered with the help of a bandage and pressure is applied to prevent bleeding. The technique should ideally be performed by an experienced spider vein specialist.

What you feel during the procedure?

Patients will not be able to feel any serious discomfort while the procedure is being performed. Closing the vein using the laser rays is not painful but you may feel a little heavy while the catheter is be

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