Lacing Patterns for Menís Adidas Superstars

By: Vikram Kuamr

Unknown to very many people, lacing is a very important part of wearing shoes and it has to be perfectly done. The manner in which you lace up your shoes will determine in a big way whether your feet will experience comfort or get restless. The laces should not be too tight or very loose but moderate. As such, there are many lacing patterns used to achieve that and you need to consider the best one for your menís Adidas superstars. There are four main lacing patterns for Adidas superstars and will be discussed in this article to give you information on how to realize them with ease.

Straight bar

This is the first lacing pattern and starts with positioning both ends of the shoe lace to the shoe eyelets. The procedure will be starting from the bottom row as you go outside and back of the shoe. The length of both sides of the lace must be maintained at equal measure and the front part of the shoe must face upwards when all this is happening. The whole process should alternate between taking the shoe lace from the left to right and back through the eyelids. Remain consistent until you have reached the last row on the top of the shoe. At this point, you can have both ends of the lace tied together or have the laces tucked into the shoes whichever you deem suited.

Loop back

This is another of the menís Adidas superstars lacing pattern and itís very simple to realize and starts from the first row as well. You should pull the lace through the eyelets but ensuring that lengths on both ends are equal. After that, you can have the laces crossed at the central point of the shoe tongue before pulling each lace end back to its original position. Repeat the same procedure in every row until the last one when you can tie both ends together.


Just like the first two patterns, this one as well begins with pulling equal lengths of the lace through an eyelet in the first row. Each end will be alternating from the left to right ends of the rows in a systematic manner. Make sure the lace pulls across the shoe tongue such that it creates something similar to a ladder. That is the sole intention of this pattern and it should begin to show right from the first row. Make sure all those steps have been repeated up to the last row after which you can tie the ends together.


An approximately 48-inches length of the shoe lace will be pulled through the eyelet in getting these menís Adidas superstars lacing pattern started. The process is the same with alternating pulls from left to right and back in every row. The culmination of that will be tying both ends together at the topmost part in what will appear like a star.

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You have to be very much concerned on the way you lace up your menís Adidas superstars as that will have a huge implication on your feet comfort. It has to be done professionally and there are some patterns to guide you on that. The patterns must also apply with Adidas forest hills menís shoes.

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