LED Lighting for Industrial and Agricultural: What you need to know about Alpha Emptor Limited

By: Afzal Khan

All LED chips emit heat during use. After about 2 hours, the underside temperature of a LED chip can rise to 1100C without heat management. There are many documented studies that show that a increase in LED chip temperature directly affects both short-term and long-term LED performance. The short-term effects are colour shift and reduced light output; while the long-term effect is accelerated light output depreciation and thus shortened useful Lamp life.

Continuous LED chip operation at elevated temperature dramatically accelerates loss of light output resulting in shortened useful life. Studies have shown that raising the LED (Tj Junction) temperature from 700C to 810C decreased the light output life of the LED chip from 57,000 projected hours to 32,429 hours, a 57% reduction – this with only a 11°C temperature increase.

AEHK has developed an advanced form of heat transfer system that keeps the LED chip temperature below 700C in open air usage at 250C. Other LED Lamp manufacturers permit Tj temperatures of between 800C to 1100C and therefore these LED Lamps have a shorter life.

The major benefit of AEHK design approach is an exceptional long Life of the LED Lamp – a minimum of 50,000 hours to 80,000 hours projected.

What we do:
Since 2007, Alpha Emptor (Hong Kong) Limited (AEHK) have been designing and manufacturing high performance LED lighting solutions to meet the demanding requirements for Industrial, Commercial and Agricultural lighting. Our design objectives for all our LED products are that they provide extreme energy efficiency; maximum light output; long life; consistent reliability; waterproof of Casing and Lens to IP55; and alkaline and acid resistant. All LEDBest products carry a minimum 3 year warranty against failure and an average life expectancy of 50,000 hours to L70.

We sell to:
AEHK sells our products direct to end users. We do not use Retailers, resellers or wholesalers. In this way we can provide a superior product at an affordable price. Similar LED Lamps sell up to 3 times more of our price in many places around the world.

Our Commitment:
AEHK is committed to developing products that save natural resources and/or reduce user carbon emissions.

Manufacturing Facilities:
All our manufacturing facilities have to undergo periodic stringent examination of facilities, quality control, management, training, security and health & safety. All manufacturing facilities hold current ISO 9001 certification as a minimum plus other relevant quality certification awarded by independent and regulated authorities.

Life Tests and Quality Control:
AEHK run continuous ‘life tests’ on all our products to ensure that customers obtain the longest possible life cycle for each product they purchase. Continued quality control, testing and improvements on all our products will remain central to achieving complete customer satisfaction.

Trademark & IP:
All Products produced by the Company carry the registered trademark of either LEDBest® or AE® These names and all IP rights are owned by Alpha Emptor (Hong Kong) Limited.

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We are the owner of LEDBest Website – LED lighting specialists for Industrial, Commercial and Agricultural lighting. Since 2007 we have been designing and manufacturing high performance LED lighting solutions to meet the demanding requirements of industry.

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