LED Light Warning Systems For Emergency Vehicles

By: Sunil Punjabi

LED light warning systems prove to be useful because they can be mounted internally or externally. They are usually slim, not occupying a lot of space and more importantly, easily concealable. They are good for unmarked vehicles as well as cop vehicles that need a medium of alerting other motorists on the road. The warning lights are produced either by a light bar which is made of several LEDs configured together, beacons which can be mounted on the roof of the vehicle or dash and deck lights which are compact and easily installable.

LED light warning systems can be mounted virtually at any point on the vehicle which gives you flexibility in terms of where you want your emergency lighting to be. If you want to alert motorists following you, then the LED lights can be mounted on the rear deck or above the brake, tail or turn lights. If you want to alert vehicles approaching you, then you can install the lights adjacent to the grille or bumper. The emergency lights can also be installed behind the visor or near the dash or headliner. Bigger emergency light bars can be installed on the roof of the vehicle. Interestingly, the light bars are so designed that the weight distribution is optimum. This is very useful for thinner roofs which would otherwise be dented under the pressure applied by the lighting equipment.

The LED light warning systems can be mounted using 2 inch bail brackets or height adjustable swivel brackets. Slimmer light bars can be installed in intersection angles and are virtually undetectable. When the lighting equipment is installed internally it is a good idea to make sure it is installed in the corners. This not only saves space but is safer when side air bag deployment takes place during accidents. Thus, a lot of thought actually goes behind the manufacturing process of the emergency vehicle lights.

When you purchase LED light warning systems you should try to make sure that the design allows you to access individual components and repair or replace them whenever required. A modular design lets you do so, a good example being stacks of LEDs covered with a UV resistant dome that can be removed by just pulling out a few screws. Modern emergency lighting equipment is made up of modules where you can plug and operate multiple modules together or remove modules, depending upon the amount of lighting you need.

An impressive aspect of the LED light warning systems is the use of optical enhancements for greater warning ability. Lenses and mirrors are used to make sure that there is minimal dispersion and maximum penetration. Total internal reflection LED technology is used for maximum output. Wide angle optics will help in creating 1200 beams which cover a wider angle. There are dual-colour, lighting sticks which can change colours based on your selection through a push button switch. The same holds true for flash patterns which greatly help in enhancing the overall visibility of the lighting.

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