LED Deck Lights - Compact Design for High Performance

By: Sunil Punjabi

There are 3 design aspects that make LED deck lights such a trusted source of emergency vehicle lighting. These lights are slim and compact, which makes them easy to carry around and easy to install. Moreover, these surface mount lights can be securely installed on flat and curved surfaces, anywhere in the vehicle. Secondly, these lights make use of 1W LEDs with great warning power as compared to other light sources with similar wattage rating. Lastly, the lights make use of wide angle optics which more than compensates for their smaller size by providing 120 degree beams which are expansive and bright enough for a wide coverage.

LED deck lights and dash lights give you flexibility in terms of where you mount them and how you mount them. For example, height adjustable bail brackets can be used to mount the deck lights in the rear end of the vehicle at a certain angle and orientation. Two L brackets are also provided with the deck lights along with sucker L brackets in some cases. For sloping windows, the flashback shield can be used to censor the distraction created by bright warning lights for the driver of the vehicle. A very innovative mounting option is provided by aluminium headliner brackets. These brackets are ergonomically designed to slide in between the roof of the vehicle and the headliner for stable mounting in front without really obstructing the view of the driver.

LED deck lights can have any number of 5mm LEDs. Generation III ultra-bright LEDs can easily be stacked together and a dozen of them could really provide a strong warning signal. When you want to enhance the effectiveness of dash or deck lights further, you can go with dual stack LEDs, where there are two rows of LEDs stacked one above the other. Sometimes, they are of the same colour and sometimes, they are of different colours, making them even more useful.

LED deck lights especially those with split LED modules provide multiple benefits, which include more permutations and combinations when it comes to flashing and a brighter and more attention grabbing warning signal. In foggy or bad weather conditions, these multi-coloured modules prove to be highly effective. Good quality deck lights come with a polycarbonate assembly, which is safer than metal frames, especially when there are accidents. You might also get swivel or bail brackets along with suction cups as additional mounting options.

LED deck lights prove to be effective because of their encapsulation which protects them from corrosion, moisture and excessive vibration. The deck lights are sleek and aerodynamically efficient, to avoid drag or rattling sound on uneven terrains. The self-contained patterns rule out the need for an external flasher device. You can also go for latching and non-latching switch panels to control the LED light heads and making operation very easy. The switch packs are usually available with wiring loom and make it extremely easy for you to install the whole set up. Soft touch buttons on illuminated panels can make operating these lights very simple.

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