LASIK Sight Surgery Doesn't Have To Be a Fearful Operation

By: Frank Filbert

Considering the idea of getting a Lasik eye surgery procedure done is a big deal and many times people are timid in asking the imprortant questions that are going through their head. The Lasik procedure, though widely talked about, is not discussed in detail, and people tend to fear the unknown. This report is going to talk about some of the most common fears that people have, and will also talk about the experiences that the vast majority of people experience when they go through a LASIK eye surgery procedure.

One of the biggest and most common fears that people have when considering LASIK is the fear of pain and whether it will hurt are not. This doesn't only go for LASIK but it also goes for any other type of operation. Since the patient is conscious when the procedure is being performed on them this is a highly understandable fear. Before the surgeon even thinks about touching your eyes, he will apply numbing drops as well as give a mild sedative to the patients so they can relax and be comfortable throughout. You might feel a small pressure to your eye which is common, but that is about it it really doesn't hurt much.

There is a laser used on your eyeball during the procedure which is used to help reshape the cornea. Many folks are worried about the laser being shone directly into the eye, or that they might look away and, due to this, develop a serious complication with their eyes and the Lasik laser beam effects. The reality of the laser beam though is that is only used for 10 or 15 seconds for each eyeball, and there is no danger of a laser beam damage because the machine detects movement and shuts off if your eyeball is not in the right position.

Another thing that people are really afraid about when contemplating any type of medical procedure is the scalpel. The LASIK eye surgery procedure makes use of a very small microkeratome blade to make the incision on the eye, but this isn't always so as some of the more recent LASIK eye surgery technology makes use of the laser to create the flap so there is no sharp object used at all. There is no reason to be concerned about a scalpel, for the Lasik physician does not use one.

Many wonder about the horror stories they hear about this or any other operation, and wonder about serious consequences like going blind. According the government statistics taken by the FDA, there are no reported cases of blindness due to a Lasik operation. The truth is that there is very little risk of any type of permanent complication arising from a LASIK surgery procedure. You have less than 1% chance of getting any type of permanent damage caused from a LASIK eye surgery procedure that is serious, and you have less than a 3% chance for any type of nonserious complications such as light halos. It is extremely rare for a patient to not have improved vision after a Lasik procedure.

If you are bothered by the thought of him being awake when somebody is working on your eyeball, remember that you are going to be given a sedative and your eyeball will be completely numb. If the thought of actually seeing somebody's hand approaching our eyeball is a frightening thought, take comfort in the fact that you will have drops put in your eyes it is going to black out your vision for a period of 10 or 15 seconds which is plenty of time for the procedure to be done in that eye.

This introduction has hopefully addressed the most common fears about the Lasik procedure. For all of you out there who could benefit from this procedure, and experience the freedom of not having to wear glasses anymore, then visit your local clinic today and speak with them about any of the thoughts you might have concerning LASIK surgery.

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