Kodak Zi8 Vs Flip Mino: A Pocket Video Camera Review

By: Ron King

The universe of digital camcorders is hurtling along at the same velocity as the computer industry, gathering an abundance of incredible components in smaller packages. Take, for instance, the new pocket video cameras that have been revealed recently. At this moment, it is mainly a showdown between just 2 products: the new Kodak Zi8 and the Flip Mino camcorders.

Both products have been carefully designed to capture the developing market of easy to use and exceptionally portable camcorders with built in know-how that make sharing the videos on the computer and loading them up to the popular social networking sites markedly easy. Let's do a quick digital video camera review of these 2 cameras.

Flip and Kodak are both justifiably proud of their own product lines, and make it simple to catalog lots of data online. Of course, one of the most influential features to everyone is the price, and you will recognize that they at precisely the same price point, $179.99. So far they're even.

One obvious characteristic between these two is that the Kodak Zi8, like most digital video cameras, has an extremely small amount of internal memory--only 128 MB. The Flip has a much larger capacity of 2 GB, 16 times as much. Score 1 for the Flip.

Yet, and this is colossal the Kodak relies on the use of SD/SDHC memory cards to advance it's storage capabilities. The Flip Mino leaves you no room for optimization. The Kodak digital video camera can handle up to a 32 GB card for those who want to go all out. How will this help you? Up to 10 HOURS of video recording! Score a big plus for Kodak.

One of the characteristics that is similar between the two is they both have a very versatile built in USB swing-out arm, so you don't need camera specific cables. You can just flip out the arm and plug it instantly into your computer and begin sharing. No more cable clutter! The score is tied.

Each come with video and picture editing software, but only the Zi8 has HD capable video recording, and a HDMI output on the camera itself to affix directly to your HDTV for instant review. Kodak wins.

But from here on, it actually isn't much of a competition. The Flip Mino, and even it's big brother the FlipHD, which costs significantly more, can't hold a candle to the worth and caliber of the Kodak Zi8. For the same price, you get a vastly larger view screen, built-in image stablization, full blown 1080 pixel HD video, and the security that comes with the Kodak name.

Countdown result: the race between these two models is not even close today -- the Zi8 pocket digital video camera is first rate. However, don't foresee Flip will sit by quietly as their market share lessens.

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