Known Dangers Associated With Using Adhesives

By: Candice Hubbard

While adhesives and sealants have become a part of our daily lives, there are still some basic dangers to be dealt with. Although most of the problems are faced by workers who handle these products day after day, even the adhesive supplier, and whose health can be damaged by such long-term contact, there is also a threat to the public, who use these items most popularly, rubber glue adhesive, without knowing of the risks they are taking.

What Are Adhesives

The use of adhesives or glues goes back centuries, however, the glues used by ancient civilizations were all naturally made and therefore safe. Not like the ones we use today, such as rubber glue adhesive. The reason for using adhesives is so that they will form a bond to hold things together. Depending on whether it is for construction purposes or some everyday matter, the adhesives are of different strengths and made with different chemicals.

Health Risks

1. It's important to remember that although adhesives can cause problems, there is normally no health risk for the average person so long as there is no contact with the adhesive material.

2. A builder can shield himself from any illness due to using adhesives in a number of ways. The first is by the simple act of wearing gloves. Anyone working with a dangerous product should make sure that they have on a pair of thick, strong gloves to protect their hands.

3. Wear safety glasses. These will help protect your eyes from any fumes that rise up from the adhesive while you are using it. Even the adhesive supplier should be careful when moving these items about, because even unopened there it is possible for vapors to escape and get into the eyes, throat, and on the hands.

Rubber Glue Adhesive

Rubber cement is a glue that nearly everyone has in their home. It comes in handy for many types of repairs that need to be done quickly and last. However, it too has hazards connected with it.

1. Breathing in large amounts of the fumes can be very dangerous, even deadly if a young child is the one who takes them in.

2. Even Elmer's glue is a rubber glue and can cause problems if inhaled. This usually happens in the case of people who deliberately sniff glue in order to get high.

3. Inhaling It can cause difficulty in breathing and harm the lungs.

4. Inhaling it can also cause throat swelling and that can lead to breathing problems.

5. Even inhaling the product while using it can lead to eye, ear, nose and throat problems. In the worst case it can cause loss of vision.

6. There can be a change in heart rate, a sudden drop in blood pressure, and this can lead to collapse.

7. It can affect the intestinal tract by causing abdominal pain and vomiting.

8. It can also damage the nervous system resulting in convulsions, dizziness, headache, muscle spasms and nerve problems.

These are just some examples of the harm that adhesives can cause if not used properly. In order to avoid suffering any of these ill effects, you should just make sure to take the simple precautions that everyone should know about. Misusing or abusing these products can lead to sickness and even death, why take the chance?

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Biography: Candace Hubbard is a freelance writer who has done extensive research on the ill effects of adhesives on the adhesive supplier and rubber glue adhesive on both the addict and the average person who uses it occasionally.

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