Knowing the Anatomy of Your Wristwatch

By: Victoria Hemingway

Why in the world will I want to know the anatomy of a wristwatch? This is a question most people who have bought wristwatches have inadvertently asked themselves. Once a wristwatch is bought or owned, people get the impression that they no longer need to know about it. This is a mindset you should totally rid yourself of. Knowing the anatomy of your wristwatch, first of all, will add fascination to the timepiece strapped to your wrist. More than that, it will teach you how to operate it and, perhaps, even save you precious money and time.!br>

What a Wristwatch Is

The etymology or origin of the word ‘wristwatch’ usually makes people wonder. But as the term suggests, a wristwatch is a watch strapped to one’s wrist. Conventionally, a wristwatch is strapped to one’s left wrist, assuming that a person is not a leftie.

Just as a timepiece ought to be, a wristwatch tells the time as it is. Contemporary and conventional wristwatches usually display the date and year, too. This is all thanks to basic modern technology. Also one of the products of technology through the years are the different kinds of wristwatches. These watches include analog watches, digital watches, and calculator watches.
How a Wristwatch is Powered

A wristwatch’s power source is one of its most important aspects. Before the advent of wristwatch batteries, wristwatches used to be wound in order to work. After a certain amount of time, however, mercury batteries became available. Due to the hazardous nature of mercury, mercury batteries were replaced by batteries of other sources - alkaline, silver-oxide, and even solar energy.

A wristwatch usually loses its power after two to three years. Once it does, a watch repairman’s services usually have to be hired. But if you know well enough how wristwatches’ batteries can be replaced, then you can do it yourself with ease.

What the Kinds of Wristwatches Are

There are different kinds of wristwatches, all of which serve the purpose of telling the time while it is strapped to your wrist. Analog watches are wristwatches with numbered dials. It is characterized by its rotating hands, usually three of them - one is the second hand, the other is the hour hand, and the last is the minute hand. Analog watches are usually used for adornments and as collectibles.

Digital watches are the more recent kinds of wristwatches. They are characterized by the fact that they simply display the time through numbers. Digital watches are used to be powered by LED (light-emitting display). Now, LCD (liquid crystal display) is the more frequent display used by digital watches.

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