Know the Main Difference between Men and Women Golf Clubs

By: KellyRD

The establishment of LPGA, Ladies Professional Golf Association, has made it possible for women golf clubs to be common these days. This establishment was formed back in 1950. Basically this organization makes sure that men and women are on the same footing while playing golf. No matter what people say, there is a natural difference between genders with respect to build and body structure, and strength. This difference puts a huge gap between the game of men and women while playing any sport. Organizations like LPGA make sure that the gap is not too vast.
The most basic difference between women and men golf clubs is amount of science involved in them. There is no denying that a man's club has some science in it, to help them with their swings. However, for women these technological advancements are rather necessary. The clubs of ladies are much lighter in weight.
The grip of ladies handle is quite different from that of a man's grip. The hands of ladies are smaller as compared to men. For this reason the circumference of the grip is less. This allows ladies to have a firm grip over their women golf clubs. While purchasing a grip make sure that you can grip firmly and that it does not slips.
A club is usually made up of two materials; either iron or wood. A club for ladies made up of iron is much more flexible. This means that they can bend. The over all weight of these clubs is less as compared to the iron clubs for men. However, the club head of women's club is much heavier.
Women golf clubs made out of wood are quite lighter as compared to men and come in a much more size range. A 13-wood can replace the iron club as it produces the same effect and is easy to play with. For further information on this topic it would be best that you consult a golf coach.
Such a club will be very easy making swings to cover the longest distance. Cost is the mother of all considerations to make when buying a golf club to ensure you save on costs while at the same time get value in return for money.
Make sure you put all these factors into consideration anytime you are buying womens golf clubs to leave to it that you make the best purchase decision.
There are different types of clubs to come across in the market therefore choose the one that suits your child’s playing needs.

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