Know About the Changes In Mortgage Borrowing And Prevent Foreclosure

By: Joseph Smith

Over time, there have been numerous modifications when it comes to borrowing mortgage. It is important to be aware of these changes as they can help homeowners prevent foreclosure.

One of the biggest changes is that subprime loans are not available anymore. This type of loan helped improve the housing market. It was favourable for borrowers wishing to acquire mortgage but have just undergone foreclosure since it did not require a borrower to present documents such as proof of income. Also, minimum payments were not necessary.

Modifications are also true with traditional mortgages. Here are some changes that have to be taken note of especially for borrowers who are planning to buy foreclosures:

• Borrowers can reduce the interest rate of their mortgage by paying points. Points are upfront payments. A single point translates to one percent of the worth of the mortgage.

For a $200,000 mortgage, for example, if you pay $2,000 upfront, the interest rate of your loan will drop by as much as one percent. This means that a six-percent loan will fall to five percent.

There are, of course, limitations. Paying points is not advisable for homeowners who would later resell or refinance their property as its benefits will only be enjoyed in the long run.

• Minimum initial payment is required in almost all mortgage transactions. Traditional belief is that if an owner is capable of paying more than the minimum, then he or she must do so. That would translate to a smaller balance that would have to be paid later on.

However, with the current housing situation where foreclosure rates are surging, paying more than the minimum requirement may not be a wise decision at all. Home prices are dropping and it would be better to save the cash because of the possibility that home rates will continue to drop.

• It is advised to lock in the mortgage rate as soon as the borrower finds the best deal. A common misconception that most borrowers think is that rates will keep on falling. However, it is a fact that rates increase faster than they decline. It is therefore a better choice to settle for an already good deal than to hope and wait for it to get even better. That is aside from the fact that settling for a mortgage rate early on can provide borrowers with peace of mind.

Informed decisions are vital if a borrower wishes to prevent foreclosure and keep his or her property.

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