Kinds Of Computers

By: Miles Stoppard

No other innovation has resulted in the creation of such a marvel as computers. From normal routine activities to the more complex tasks, the job undertaken by the computers are numerous. The size of the computers, the operations performed by it and the processing power of the computer hard drive has brought about classification of computers into different groups.
Some of the major classifications of the computer are mentioned below:
1 Personal computer
Meant for home and office application, the personal computers that are typical make use of the Windows operating system and can be used for general application, mailing, games and other purposes. Initially known as the microcomputers, these computers can be connected to a LAN using a direct cable or Wi-Fi. A PC can be a desktop, palmtop or even a laptop.
Desktop computers
It comes with large vertical cases that store the main processor inside or as a small form factor model that has the Central Processor lodged behind the LCD monitor. Mac is a typical example of a small form factor model. Besides being stationary, these computers have powerful processors, larger memory and enjoy lesser costs.
Tablet computers
Highly mobile in nature, the tablet computers like the PDA have a touch screen that works on the basis of the tapping given by the stylus or the fingers of the user. It adopts flash memory instead of computer hard drive for storing information.
Laptop computers
A computer that integrates the processor, memory, computer hard drive, keyboard and the display into a single unit that works on a battery comes under the group of laptops. The laptops may be further classified into light-weight laptops, gaming laptops, Wi-Fi laptops, dual core laptops and power laptops.
2 Work station
Workstations come with powerful processor, high-resolution screen, supplementary memory capacity and other characteristics that assist the system in the performance of tasks that require larger computing capabilities. Except for the diskless work station, the other categories come with a hard disk.
3 Servers
Servers are powerful computers that have quick processors, larger computer hard drives and superior memory capacity. It functions to provide services to other systems connected to it through a network. Web servers, file server and the e-mail servers are some of the common server applications.
4 Mainframe computers
The term was originally used to denote the huge computers which had the CPU that filled an entire room. Mainframe, now, describes the huge and the expensive machines that are capable of supporting the needs of thousands of users concurrently.
5 Super computers
Supercomputers are used for performing voluminous data that call for great precision and a number of calculations like in scientific simulations, nuclear energy design, fluid dynamics calculation and other similar large scale activities.
6 Wearable computers
Assimilation of the computer gadgets into the watches, cell phones and even clothing has resulted in the usage of these devices for applications that call for the continuous monitoring of the physical movements of the user. This has made wearable computers suited for health monitoring, defense activities and behavioral studies to name a few. The integration of computers into our basic gadgets has made a drastic change to the general outlook of the people.

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