Kindle eBook Reader Wall Charger

By: shawnsum1

Readers who can't get enough of their Kindle will appreciate the Kindle eBook Reader Wall Charger. This small charger plugs directly from your Kindle to the wall, bypassing the need to charge the book reader through the computer. This is great for folks away from home looking to recharge their Kindles at work, on vacation, away on business or even in cars with standard electrical outlets included.

Think about it: You're vacationing on the beach and on your last day, the Kindle battery gives out. What do you do? That's easy! Plug the Kindle eBook Reader Wall Charger into the wall of your hotel room, take a walk and enjoy a nice lunch. When you return, your Kindle will be ready for another relaxing day on the beach.

Not only that, but the Kindle eBook Reader Wall Charger allows readers with a low battery to continue reading without being confined to the computer desk. Lounge on the couch, relax in bed -- read anywhere the charger can reach an electrical socket! This means no more worrying about the battery giving up on you during your late night reading sessions. Just plug this lightweight device in before you get comfortable and read until your heart's content (or you fall asleep!).

Made with high-quality, high-impact resistant plastic, the Kindle eBook Reader Wall Charger is not only easy to use and very convenient, but it's smart, too! With enhanced internal circuitry, this charger actually keeps track of the battery's charging status to prevent it from charging too long (which can not only result in overheating, but shorten the battery life).

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