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Some of you may be wondering what happened to GRN? Nothing, this works extremely well with Global Resorts Network as a low cost point product with exceptional income opportunity for those that don't have the initial start up costs to get involved with GRN. That and the fact that I've always been a strong promoter of having multiple streams of income. Welcome to personal empowerment, complete wellbeing and total abundance. Welcome to proven effective nutrition, sustained financial opportunity, and a fresh perspective of the global marketplace. Welcome to Kiiera.
Our first groundbreaking product is called, VIV. This will surely be one of the most talked about nutritional products ever. It is likely to become the biggest powered super-food product on the market. Our product will be seen nationwide by tens of millions of people through infomercials and internet marketing worldwide. Our product is following the major trends in the nutritional supplement industry: convenience, low cost/high value, powder instead of liquid, and "feel-good" energy without the caffeine, sugar and artificial ingredients.
Viv is the all natural way to replenish your energy, fight fatigue and improve your endurance, brought to you by Kiiera. If your high demand career is leaving you depleted, if the pressures of school are making you pooped, if juggling a family and job has you feeling exhausted no wonder you are looking for an edge, a boost, a way to stay energized, focused and on top of your game.
Perhaps the answer you're looking for comes from a time when people found natural ways to invigorate the body and energize the mind. Not in all those so called energy drinks that are really just crazy cocktails of caffeine and sugar. Or those sports drinks that claim to be able to restore and replenish the body that are really just fancy colored water and empty calories. For me these are not the answer, I am looking for a natural way to give me that boost.
We are now able to access the life work of autor and medicine hunter Chris Kilham throught this brand new delicious botanical infusion call VIV. Chris is the author of 14 books, he has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, The New Your Times, Outside Magazine, and The Boston Herald. Chris has spent his life traveling the globe searching for these botanical medicines that for thousands of years have been revered for there precious herbs and fruits for there health resotring properties, keeping the mind and body energized, foused, refreshed and alert.
Just add one packet of VIV to 8 ounces of water and this will give you all the healing and restorative power of 5 all natural powerful energizing botanicals. The botanicals are schizandra berries, a super fruit used in Asian herbal medicine for over 2000 years. The schizandra works in combination with rhodiola rosea, siberian ginseng, cordyceps and goji. The botanicals in VIV are scientifically proven to energize your mind and body, elevate your mood, fight fatigue, combat stress, increase your alertness and concentration, and improve your recovery time from exercise or physical excursion. All so you can go out after a hard day at the office and enjoy your free time with your family and loved ones and have the energy to live a more balanced healthful life.
So ask yourself this: Have you ever had the opportunity to be one of the very first people in a company of epic proportion? Kiiera is owned by Peter Spiegel. Peter has has sold over 2 billion dollars worth of products through Sylmark that parent company to Kiiera. Kiiera is over 2 years in the making. This company has set a world class foundation. They have spent over 2 million dolloars before the launch. They have hired a managment dream team with over 150 years of ecperienced combined. There are already plans to open in Canada and Japan within a few months and will be in many other counties within the next year. Kiiera has developed VIV, a breakthrough product in the fastest growing sector of nutritional supplements: energy and peak performance.
Are you ready to get into a company before the launch? A company that is will no doubt be a massive success. Contact me today for more information. I would be happy to share with you the insider information for this groundbreaking company today. Again this is a incredible opportunity to have multiple streams of income with or without GRN.
Kiiera Website: Global Resorts Network Website: Email: [email protected] Cell: (916)765-8302
To your success! Dean Grzelak

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