Keyboard shortcuts that help you enjoy efficient browsing

By: Brooke M. Perry

Keyboard shortcuts are extremely helpful while you are doing something on your PC as it doesn’t force you to use your mouse and in turn saves precious time. In turn it increases your productivity and helps you deliver quicker results. Keyboard shortcuts are more helpful if you are browsing the web. However, researchers say that users avoid using keyboard shortcuts as they are difficult to learn and remember.

In this article a few useful keyboard shortcuts are discussed that are especially helpful in web browsing.

The keyboard shortcuts discussed in this article are applicable to all popular browsers such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari. Using these shortcuts you are able to enjoy quicker and efficient web browsing.

Below discussed are the 5 keyboard shortcuts that are helpful in web browsing:

1. Space Bar and Shift+Space Bar

You can scroll pages faster if you follow this keyboard shortcut. For this you have to use the space bar to move down a page at a time and then press ‘Shift + Spacebar’ to reverse the action. Usually, the shift key is used to undo any keyboard shortcut.

2. Ctrl/Cmd+F

Ctrl+F is a very useful command especially when you are working on a Word document. You can find any word on the page by hitting ‘Control+F’ irrespective of the length of the document. Every one of us resorts to this keyboard shortcut when he is on the web and dealing with a Word document. For example, if you are looking for some particular information on Wikipedia regarding United States which is not easily visible then you can use this command that will help you find out the particular word or phrase immediately. It also shows you the frequency of the term on the document which means that you will be able to know that how many times the word or phrase has been used in the document. Using this command you can also replace a word or phrase in the document.

3. Tab and Shift+Tab

Tab plays an important role if you are browsing the web. By using the ‘Tab’ you can jump from one field of input or text box to the next. The ‘Tab’ key also helps you move backward by holding ‘Shift+ Tab’ simultaneously. This is a widely used keyboard shortcut which is mostly used by users especially when filling in long online forms or documents.

4. F5 (Windows) or Cmd+R (Mac)

You often require refreshing web pages while browsing. The ‘F5’ key is the keyboard shortcut to refresh any page on Windows PCs whereas Mac users can refresh the web page by pressing ‘Command+R.’ This is a widely used keyboard shortcut which is extremely useful for refreshing web page when a page is not getting loaded properly. It is also helpful for refreshing social media feed.

5. Ctrl/Cmd+W

You can use the ‘Ctrl+W’ command for closing a tab quickly. Mac users can use ‘Command+W’ for the same action from the keyboard itself. By pressing ‘Ctrl+Shift+W’ you can close all the opened tabs of the browser. So when you require something to remove from your screen quickly then you can use this command for closing a particular tab.

Above discussed are the 5 most used and user-friendly keyboard shortcuts. Once you get into the habit of using these commands, web browsing for you become many times simpler and convenient than before.

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