Keyboard and Guitar Amplifier A Beginner's Guide

By: Derek Lloyd

Learning to play a musical instrument can be an extremely rewarding experience and can bring you years of satisfaction. Even though many people start learning to play an instrument when they are young, there is absolutely no age restriction. There are numerous professional musicians who hadn't even picked one up till they were much older. There is a wide variety of options when it comes to musical instruments, and each has its own unique characteristic and sounds.

The guitar and the keyboard are two of the most popular musical instruments in the world. After you have learned the basics, you will move on to more advanced things; one of them being the proper use of an amplifier.

Amplifiers are used to strengthen the sound produced by a particular instrument. This is particularly useful for professional musicians who work as composers or are part of a band since it helps bring out a specific tune. There is a wide variety of keyboard and guitar amplifiers available in the market and each of them has their own specific functions. For example, some amplifiers are suited for heavy metal music while others may be more suited to softer tunes.

As a beginner, you must be very confused when it comes to picking the right one for you. Here are some tips to help you pick out one that will be ideal for you, till you are skilled enough to move on to better models.

It is always a good idea to go for the most basic amp that you can get. That way, you won't be confused by the myriad of knobs and keys, and will be able to concentrate on exactly what you want. If you are buying the instrument and the amp together, this will help you save money, which you can then use to get a better guitar or keyboard. Apart from basic controls such as volume, bass and treble, look for other options such as gain control and reverb. As you figure out what sort of sound you are looking for, you can get a better model later on. You can also add additional effects using various pieces of software.

Look for keyboard and guitar amplifiers which have at least two inputs. Two inputs allow you to add another instrument instead of using just one. Most small amps have this feature. For a bit more money, you can get a model which has separate channels for both the inputs. This will allow you to independently control the volume and other effects. With two inputs, you can easily have jam sessions with a friend. Select a keyboard and guitar amplifier that is small enough for you to carry to different places without much effort.

While buying your first keyboard and guitar amplifier, it is best to avoid thinking about resale value. There are a number of factors you need to consider while buying a professional-grade amp and you can only get there by practicing on smaller models. Also remember to do proper research in order to ensure that the model you are buying is of good quality.

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